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MyMathLab (MML) is an online learning environment produced by Pearson Education that provides students with access to a myriad of resources. The entire textbook is given in electronic form, and interactive homework problems allow students to work math problems from their textbook and get immediate feedback, because problems are immediately scored. As students work exercises in MML, they may seek on-demand help in several ways. Help features include the option to view static examples, interactive examples, videos, and animated examples. A link that enables students to email a question to their instructor is provided. MML is accessible anywhere via the Internet.

Here at Columbus State, MML is used by instructors in various math courses that use a Pearson textbook. In our traditional, face-to-face classes, it is primarily used for homework, and in our online courses it may be used for quizzes and homework. Some instructors require students to use MML in their courses, while others leave it as an optional tool.

A MML Student Access Kit comes packaged with a new textbook in the bookstore. Since the entire contents of the textbook are included in electronic form in MML, students may have the option to purchase only the Student Access Kit if they are comfortable without a hard copy of the textbook. The stand-alone kit may be purchased in the bookstore; MML access may also be purchased online with a credit card at

Once students purchase MML access, they may use their MML account for all courses using that same textbook. For example, students taking the entire Algebra sequence (MATH 1020-1030-1075, or 1050-1075) may purchase one access code, and it is good for all those courses. For courses using a different textbook, it is necessary to purchase MML access for that book and set of interactive exercises.

Technical support for users of MML is available at, or by calling Pearson Education at 1-888-695-6577, M - F, 8am to 8pm EST.