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Columbus State is the perfect place to start your bachelor’s degree, train for an in-demand career field, or just follow your passion.



Find your major

At Columbus State, we offer two main things:

1. Transfer Programs: Get the first two years of your bachelor’s degree here, then transfer to a four-year school to finish up.

Our Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree fulfills the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at most Ohio colleges. And we have specific transfer agreements with dozens of colleges around the state.

The Preferred Pathway® allows you to “pre-major” for dozens of majors at Ohio State University, and then enter as a junior. Incoming students who qualify can also become Preferred Pathway® Scholars, receiving additional advising, special events and possible scholarships. Preferred Pathway® site

2. Career & Technical degrees and certificates. These qualify you for a job in some of the hottest fields in Central Ohio. They fall in six main flavors:

We also have programs for High School Students (including PSEO) and programs to help you Get Ready for College.


Paying for college

student imageWe’ll just show you the numbers:

  • Percent of Ohio students with student loans: 68 percent.
  • Percent of Columbus State students with student loans: 39 percent.
  • Average student loan debt in Ohio: $27,713.
  • Average student loan debt for Columbus State students: $4,613.
  • One year here: $4,078 (two semesters X 15 credit hours).
  • One year at the four-year public school: $9,537.

Find out more about Financial Aid, and don’t forget to look into Scholarships. Dozens of scholarships go unclaimed every year.


Come to learn. We're here to teach.


Our average class size here is 19 students – no need to worry about spending your time in a 300-seat auditorium. All of our classes are taught by qualified professors, many of them with the highest possible degree in their field. We don't even have TAs.

here to teachHere are some testimonials:

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without the support of Columbus State and the kindness, knowledge and direction from my instructor Bob Stein."
Jennifer Wilson

“They knew exactly what was needed in the field. That was the most important thing.”
Dave Himmelman

"I want to say thank you to my top favorite instructors who truly believed in me and helped me get to where I am today: Jon Lundquist for pushing me in the right direction and giving me incredible feedback and critiquing, and Shawn Holmes for never doubting my efforts and helping me to exceed and fall in love with video editing and cinematography."
Lawrene Dolengowsky

"Paul Carringer has a passion for success in his students."
Roger Stukkie


Get in Where You Fit In


We have more than 26,000 students of all ages, races and backgrounds. You're sure to find people you like, and get to know people you never thought you'd meet.

Our classes have students straight out of high school learning alongside (and sometimes learning from) people with 20 years experience in the work force. The ability to find your place -- and work with people from all walks of life -- will serve you well through your whole career. It's just an added benefit of a Columbus State education.

Students by age


students by race



Life on Campus


The Columbus State experience doesn't stop when your class ends. Take part in one of 40 clubs, such as Chess, politics and anime. Check out one of our four varsity sports. Relax at our student lounge, or just get a crepe at the crepe cart.

There's an event in the quad almost every week. And don't miss Spring Fling for games, music and, of course, free hot dogs.

Here's a taste of life at Columbus State.

Are we good? We have to be.


Are we good?At Columbus State, we have transfer agreements with four-year schools like Ohio State and Otterbein. If you've graduated from here, you've met their standards.

Tons of students come here to do their general education requirements and transfer to their four-year degree. They need to know the classes they take here will support their upper-level work and beyond.

It’s the same in our Career & Tech classes. Our students aren’t just looking for a degree, they need to succeed in the workforce. Our students are saving lives, building houses, maintaining critical computer networks and taking care of children. 

Here at Columbus State, you’ll find teachers with master’s degrees, PhDs, and also decades of hard-won experience. You’ll benefit from small class sizes, and we’re used to working with students at all skill levels. There’s plenty of help, but that doesn’t make it easy.

At the end of the day, your education has to work.

Get started


Ready to Go? Here are your next steps:

Step 1: Apply For Admission & Financial Aid
Step 2: Getting Started Orientation (GSO)
Step 3: COMPASS/ESL Placement Testing
Step 4: Post-COMPASS/CougarWeb Workshop
Step 5: Register and Pay Fees


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Information for ...

imageRegulations for Out-of-State Distance Learning Applicants
Due to changes in state regulations for distance learning, Columbus State is unable to accept applications for admission to distance learning courses and programs from students residing in:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Wyoming
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