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Accounting consistently ranks as one of the top career opportunities in business. Business managers, investors, creditors, and government agencies rely on accurate and complete financial statements so that they can make good decisions and evaluate performance. Employers expect managers in all areas of the company to be financially literate.   

Compliance with the sarbanes-Oxley Act and the accounting field’s movement to the International Financial Reporting standards will ensure continued job growth for accountants with current skills.

students who complete this program will have a conceptual and practical knowledge of financial accounting, auditing, managerial accounting, tax accounting, non-profit accounting, and governmental accounting.


tax announcement

 Hands On Central Ohio offers programs that help eligible individuals (including older adults, people with disabilities and people with low incomes) prepare their tax returns or complete paperwork to apply for tax relief in the form of tax credit, rebate, and exemption or postponement programs.

Included are programs staffed by volunteers or others who provide this service without charge and professional tax preparation services.

Tax preparation assistance will be offered at Columbus state Community College on:

Thursday, Feb. 12 - saturday, March 14.

6 - 8 p.m.

9 a.m. to noon

Call Hands On Central Ohio at 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment.