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What will & won't change for Autumn Semester 2013

What will change:

  • Faculty will submit an earlier student attendance/participation report, starting in the third week of the semester.
  • Students identified as not attending/participating will be dropped from class rosters after the first attendance/participation report, and their financial aid eligibility will be adjusted.
  • Processing of financial aid refunds will take place after the first student attendance/participation report.
  • Refunds of financial aid credit balances will be issued to eligible students starting between the fifth and sixth weeks.For Autumn Semester 2013, remaining credit balances should be released by Sept. 30.
  • Online student accounts will be easier to review and navigate. The improvements will allow students to access current financial information, 24-7, as well as class schedules. Student Services staff will be able to view the same account screen as the student they are assisting, facilitating quicker resolution of student questions.

What won't change:

  • The total amount of the student's financial aid award will not be affected by these changes.
  • Tuition and fees (including parking permit, lab fees, and the one-time Application/ Records/ID Fee) can still be paid on time from student's eligible financial aid.
  • Columbus State Bookstore allowance (up to $800) will still be available ahead of the semester.
  • Faculty will still submit a student attendance/participation report at the 61% point of the semester.

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