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Should I take the COMPASS test?

College Recognized Equivalent at Columbus State Community College

The purpose of the COMPASS placement test is to determine your course eligibility for your first term at Columbus State.  You may be exempt from taking some or all sections of the COMPASS placement test if you meet one or more of the College Recognized Equivalent categories below. Contact your Admissions Representative for questions you have about submitting scores.

  Math English Reading Next Steps

ACT Test (completed within the last 2 years)

ACT- 10 or higher

Please note: if your score is between 10-21, you could be placed into pre-college level math course(s). In these cases, taking the math portion of the COMPASS test is recommended.

ACT - 18 or higher

ACT – 21 or higher

Contact to send your official ACT scores to CSCC (school code 3261)

Contact your Admissions Representative for questions about your next steps

AP Credit

AP - 3,4,5
Calculus AB or
Calculus BC or

AP - 3,4,5
English Comp & Lit or
English Comp & Lang

AP – Not applicable

Contact College Board to send your official AP records to CSCC.

609-771-7300 or 888-225-5427

Mail:  AP Exams
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ  08541-6671Contact your Admissions Representative for questions about your next steps


Calculus with Elementary Functions 69 or higher or College Mathematics – 69 or higher

CLEP – Not applicable

CLEP – Not applicable

Obtain an official CLEP transcript from College Board
Phone: 1-800-257-9558
Mail: CLEP
P.O. Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541-6600

College Transfer Credit

If you have completed English and/or math at another college, have your transcript sent to CSCC to determine your English and/or math placement

Transfer credit – Not applicable

Contact your previous college(s) to send your official, unopened transcripts to:

Columbus State Community College
ATTN:  Records & Registration Dept.
PO Box 1609
550 E Spring St
Columbus, OH 43216

Transfer Evaluation