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Justice & Safety Programs

Justice & Safety Internships

The CSCC Internship Program is an initiative designed to fortify the bond between our students and the local business community.  Students at Columbus State cannot afford to forego opportunities that get their feet in the door of any company which may hold the keys to their futures. 

Students apply for internships with local companies, and those employers work independently to hire interns, using criteria and hiring methods they choose.

Many interns earn an hourly wages, but the primary benefit comes in the form of practical knowledge gained, personal contacts made, an advantage in scholarship funding through an improved resume, and possible full-time employment upon completion of the internship

What is an internship?

An internship is a mentored work experience with an educational focus related to a student’s major.  Typically, students participate in an internship for one semester during their second year.  Internships are completed with credit and many degree programs require internship completion.  The CSCC program includes internships that are paid hourly, paid a stipend, or unpaid.

Why intern?

  • Explore your career field
  • Earn college credit
  • Make yourself more marketable
  • Job search and interview experience
  • Internships lead to fulltime employment
  • Compensation

Job Board

CRJ 2901 Practicum/Seminar CRJ (A, SP, SU)

This course offers an opportunity for on-the-job training as the student works in a Criminal Justice agency or other related functional area. Activities will vary widely depending on the type and function of the Criminal Justice or Criminal Justice related area.
Instructor permission required
Seminar: 1 hour – Practicum: 14 hours

LEGL 2815 Practicum & Seminar (A, SP, SU)

This course offers a guided internship work experience in an office, agency or business providing legal services. Exact duties are decided upon by agreement of the student and administrators of the placement site. The seminar discusses the work experiences and explores strategies to improve work performance. The development of an e-portfolio and preparation of resumes, interviewing and electronic job searching will be explored.
Seminar: 1 hour - Practicum: 14 hours

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Practicum Contact
Daniel Hare
(614) 287-2594

Paralegal Practicum Contacts
Hakim Ben Adjoua
(614) 287-3822

Thomas Shanahan
(614) 287-2623


If you are interested in being an intern, please APPLY ONLINE

Once you are accepted:


Once approved, you will need to complete the INTERNSHIP MENTOR AGREEMENT

For additional guidance, please see: STUDENT INTERNSHIP PACKET

Process Flyer

Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal Justice Application Addendum

Criminal Justice Practicum Guide

Criminal Justice Mentor Letter

Paralegal Majors

Paralegal Mentor Packet