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Internship Checklist for Students

. Apply Online for Internship Program. 2-3 months prior to internship
. Response email sent from Internship Program Coordinator after application is submitted. 2-3 months prior to internship 
. Prepare for and conduct job search.  Use the job board provided online and let the Internship Program Coordinator know early on if you are having issues securing a position. 2-3 months prior to internship
. Interview and secure internship position. 1-2 months prior to internship

Finalize employer and position by submitting APPROVAL REQUEST and INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT to Internship Program Coordinator via scan/email, fax, or delivery to campus.

Prior to accepting position
. After the position is approved, you will be enrolled in appropriate internship course(s) by faculty. After obtaining approval
. Course(s) begin and open on Blackboard. 
*Your first Weekly Activity Report will be due the second week and contain all work performed up to that date.
First day of semester

This checklist is to be used as a guide when approaching your internship experience.  Some programs and position searches will require greater or less time to complete.

Internship Considerations

  • Allow enough time to prepare.
  • Start planning three months before the session you intend to enroll.
  • Internships run concurrent to the CSCC academic calendar.
  • You must have your position finalized before the break prior to you session of internship enrollment.

Hour Requirement

The weekly internship hour requirement for your degree program is based on the number of credit hours for the Practicum course multiplied by seven (7).  For instance, the Marketing Practicum course (MKTG 2902) is valued at three credit hours; therefore the minimum requirement is 21 hours per week (3 credit hours x 7 work hours x 15 weeks = 315 hours by the end of the semester).  There is some flexibility that can be made by starting your internship early.  Work completed for the internship at home can also count towards the hour requirement.

*The business program department has a combined practicum/seminar course.  For these majors, the practicum requirement is the total credit hours minus one.  Most are two (2) credit hour practicums requiring 210 hours of internship work. I know this can be confusing.  Please contact the Internship Program Coordinator for your specific program requirements.