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Admissions Requirements

Columbus State Community College makes every effort to inform prospective students of the admission requirements for the Nursing program. Students are responsible for maintaining awareness of the admission requirements, application periods, and any changes made over time.

Candidates must complete all of the following Admission requirements before the Nursing application date to be eligible to apply to the LPN to RN track (RN) nursing program.

All applicants to Nursing must complete the application procedure for admission to Columbus State Community College. See College Bulletin or contact the Admission Office (287-2669) to initiate the process.

An LPN may enter Nursing by one of two routes.

A. Traditional Route

Application with intent to enroll in the five semester sequence of courses. Information about the application process will be posted at For more specific information, see admission requirements at the same address.

B. Prior Learning Assessment

Application with intent to apply for prior learning assessment credit (“N” credit) for some of the nursing courses in the nursing curriculum followed by enrollment in the transition course and the remaining courses in the curriculum plan.

An LPN seeking admission to Nursing through prior learning assessment utilizes the LPN to RN Route Application.

LPNs are eligible to earn “N” credit for the NURS courses: NURS 1861 Foundations in Nursing, NURS 1130 Concepts of Pharmacology, and NURS 1863 Health Promotion of Family and Community.   The LPN and advisor will determine which courses the LPN will earn “N” credit for and which courses the LPN will take for credit.

Applicants must meet admission criteria and have credit on their Columbus State transcript for the concurrent courses from the first three semesters of the program to be eligible for assessment of prior learning. Concurrent courses include:

  • ENGL 1100 (Composition I)
  • BIO 2300 (Human Anatomy) with a “C” or better
  • BIO 2232 (Human Physiology) with a “C” or better
  • PSY 2340 (Human Growth and Development) with a “C” or better
  • BIO 2263 (Human Pathophysiology) with a “C” or better

Based on the plan determined with the advisor, “N” credit will be granted for the following courses with documentation of a current license for practical nursing in the state of Ohio, and with successful completion of NURS 1110 (Student Transition):

  • NURS 1861 (Foundations in Nursing)
  • NURS 1863 (Health Promotion of Family and Community)
  • NURS 1130 (Concepts of Pharmacology)

NURS 1100 (Student Transition) will be offered in the summer semester preceding entry into the program.

LPNs will enroll in the sequence of NURS courses at the next opportunity after being offered admission to Nursing. An LPN unable to enroll is considered Out of Sequence. Advisement for this situation should be sought from the advisor assigned in the Nursing Department.

Contact the Nursing Department at 614-287-2506 for any questions.