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What does a geologist do?

Simply, a geologist studies all aspects of the earth.  More precisely, a geologist can specifically study an enormous range of topics.  


These topics can include education, volcanologist, hydrologist, paleontologist, cartographer, climatologist, and environmental technician to name a few.  Geologists can also be employed by a wide-range of employers including schools, colleges, oil companies, environmental companies, and even the government. Below are some specific examples.



Geoscience careers - VolcanologistA geologist can be employed as an educator at a number of levels.  Middle schools, high schools, and colleges all employ educators to teach all types of students about our planet.

A volcanologist studies volcanoes.  These studies can range from how volcanoes work to volcano prediction safety and evacuation methods to help people respond to volcanic eruptions.

A hydrologist studies groundwater.  Many people on the planet use groundwater everyday, whether it is for drinking, irrigation, or pollution containment.

A paleontologist studies fossilized remains of ancient life.  These geologists can study all remains from the earliest fossils to dinosaurs to animals from the last ice age.  They help reconstruct ancient environments to help us understand our current environment.

A cartographer makes maps. A geologist is used in making maps because map makers are needed to understand earth’s processes and the resulting landforms.

Environmental TechniciansClimatologist
A climatologist is a geologist that tries to understand the ancient and current climates and how they affect the people living on the planet.  These geologists are very important for the future of the planet.

Environmental Technician
An environmental technician studies a wide-range of how the environment is effected by groundwater, pollution, and alternative energy sources.  These particular geologists are going to be in high demand in the future.

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