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Bioscience Technology (BISI)

These are 2013-2014 course descriptions.

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(See also Quality Assurance Technology)

BISI 1101 Bioscience Tech I (A)

4 credits
This applied course covers learning objectives found in the Bio Science industry and includes the following topics: pressure, flow, level, tempera- ture, introduction to FDA regulations, and related units. Additional topics include temperature and pH.
Lecture: 3 hours - Lab: 3 hours       Lab fee: $36.00

BISI 1103 Bioscience Tech II (SP)

4 credits
This second course in the sequence covers compounding, sterile filling, pH, Pilot Plant System, aseptic practices/technologies, FDA Regulations, and operating in a regulatory, biomanufacturing environment. Competency in key knowledge and skill areas for bioprocess control and GMP are evaluated as part of a capstone project.
Lecture: 3 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: BISI 1101         Lab fee: $42.00