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Strategic Planning


At Columbus State, we've embarked on a comprehensive process to update our Strategic Plan. Our environment is changing, both in higher education and across our region, and our Strategic Plan will guide our response to it.



To that end, we've engaged our entire campus community, conducted focus groups with students and alumni, and interviewed a cross-section of local leaders. Our Strategic Plan must serve three main goals:

  • To develop a strategic vision of the future describing the value Columbus State will be delivering to its stakeholders including students & alumni, central Ohio educators, employers & leaders, and Columbus State faculty, administrators & staff.
  • To review and refine the College's statements of mission and values in light of its strategic vision.
  • To identify the institutional priorities that the College has underway or will initiate to achieve its strategic vision in accordance with its mission and values.

The college is embarking on this process in the spirit of open inquiry, and actively seeks feedback from the campus community and the Central Ohio community.