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Roles of the Achieve the Dream Team

Initial Review of Quantitative Data

  • Review data gaps related to student success
  • Prioritize data requiring further clarification (uncover further academic and demographic information-drill down)

Inquiry and Evidence to Explore Potential Cause and Effect Relationships

  • Gather and evaluate qualitative data from key stakeholders through
    * Fishbone technique
    * Focus Groups
  • Research current literature to further explain/substantiate findings 
  • Research related work already occurring at Columbus State to avoid duplication of efforts and to encourage/invite input
  • Research current Columbus State policies 
  • Research best practices from other AtD colleges with similar complexity 
  • Synthesize findings from fishbone, focus groups, literature review, Columbus State polices, and best practices to uncover themes

Propose/Implement AtD Interventions

  • Using synthesis of evidence, propose interventions
  • Prioritize interventions, using Leadership Team consensus 
  • Estimate resources needed to implement interventions
  • Seek approval from college leadership to obtain resources needed to implement interventions

Evaluate Effectiveness of Interventions

  • Gather post-intervention data
  • Evaluate data to look for gaps or improvements
  • With the learning gained from evaluating interventions, propose improvements for subsequent iterations

Leadership Team Members

Data Team Members

Brenna Michelis
Charla Fraley
Crystal Clark
Daren Wright
David Tom
Desiree Polk-Bland (co-chair)
Jackie Teny-Miller
Lilia Bermudez
MaryEllen Tancred (co-chair)
Nancy Case
Nicole Clark
Stephanie Albrecht
Sue Donohue
Susan Abdel-Gawad (Aly)
T.J. Duda (co-chair)         
Terrence Brooks
Tonja Morgan
Tywan Banks

Adam Moskowitz
Cathy Ritterbusch
Denis Marketos
Jan Van Horn
Jennifer Anderson (chair)
Jim Hamberg
Kimberly Rhyan
Sue Judd
Lisa Briggs 
Michael Hailu
Michelle Duda
Reuel Barksdale
Tammy Montgomery
Tisha McGlaughlin

Strategy Team Members

Communication Team Members

Darrell Minor
David Harrison
Jack Cooley
Jan Rogers
Jennifer Anderson
Kelly Hogan
Mary Ellen Tancred
Renee Hampton
T.J. Duda              
Teddi Lewis-Hotopp (project manager)

Angie Shear (co-chair)
Brenna Michelis (co-chair)
Jackie Teny-Miller
Kimberly Brazwell
Kimberly Rhyan
Mary Ellen Tancred
T.J. Duda
Teddi Lewis-Hotopp
Tisha McGlaughlin
Tonja Morgan