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National Testing Network
Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc.

Ergometrics has designed the most comprehensive, award winning, video testing and job simulation testing programs in the nation. Ergometrics provides a comprehensive set of talent management and personnel selection tools that are highly predictive of on the job performance. This adds critical value to an organization's selection processes in consistently selecting the most qualified candidates. Identifying critical candidate strengths and competencies before bringing the candidate into the interview process saves thousands of dollars in recruitment, training, turnover, management problems and potential liability.

The Testing Center administers and proctors the NTN video-based written exams as part of the screening and selection process for candidates applying for employment within various Cities and Municipalities' Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Communications/Dispatcher Public Safety areas. The candidate's test scores are also valid for screening/hiring and applying for employment for other municipalities throughout the NTN national network.

Test Registration and Information

Individuals seeking employment in these public safety professions or organizations wanting to learn more about using the NTN talent selection testing tools should visit: or call 425-774-5700.