Aerospace, Aviation, Transportation Certifications

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Castle Worldwide

  • Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB)
  • Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE)
  • Professional Traffic Planner Certification (PTP)
  • Traffic Operations Practitioner Specialist (TOPS)
  • Signal Operations Specialist (STOS)


National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT) –

  • Aircraft Electronics Technician Certification
  • Foreign Object Elimination - Elements of Basic Awareness Certification
  • Dependent Navigations Systems Endorsement (DNS) Certification
  • Radio Communication Systems Endorsement (RCS) Certification
  • Aircraft/Aerospace Assembly Certification 

Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA)

  • AME Certification
  • AMS Certification
  • PAMA/SAE AME Certification
  • PAMA/SAE AMS Certification


National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) –

  •  Aircraft Electronics Technician
  • Foreign Object Elimination - Elements of Basic Awareness
  • Radio Communication Systems Endorsement (RCS)
  • Dependent Navigations Systems Endorsement (DNS)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Exams

  • Radio Law and Operating Practice (Element 1)
  • General Radiotelephone Operator (Element 3)
  • Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator (Element 5)
  • Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator (Element 6)
  • GMDSS Operator (Element 7)
  • Ship Radar Techniques (Element 8)
  • GMDSS Maintainer (Element 9)

FAA Airman Knowledge Tests –

Aircraft Dispatcher, Airline Transport Pilot, and Flight Navigator

Airline Transport Pilot Canadian Conversion (ACP) Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX)
Airline Transport Pilot Airplane – Added Rating (ARA) Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter – Added Rating (ARH)
Flight Navigator (FNX) Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (ATA), (ATP)
Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (ATH) .

Aviation Maintenance Technician Airframe, General, and Powerplant

Aviation Maintenance Technician Airframe (AMA)  Aviation Maintenance Technician General (AMG)
Aviation Maintenance Technician Powerplant (AMP) .

Commercial Pilot and Military Competence

Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX)  Commercial Pilot Balloon – Gas (CBG)
Commercial Pilot Balloon – Hot Air (CBH)  Commercial Pilot Canadian Conversion (CCP)
Commercial Pilot Glider (CGX)  Commercial Pilot Airship (CLA)
Commercial Pilot Gyroplane (CRG)  Commercial Pilot Helicopter (CRH)
Military Competence Airplane (MCA)  Military Competence Helicopter (MCH)
Military Competence Instructor (MCI) .

Flight Engineer

Flight Engineer Turbojet – Added Rating (FEJ)  Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine – Basic (FEN)
Flight Engineer Turboprop – Added Rating (FEP) Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine – Added Rating (FER)
Flight Engineer Turboprop – Basic (FET) Flight Engineer Turbojet – Basic (FEX)

Flight & Ground Instructor

Flight Instructor Airplane – Added Rating (AFA)  Flight Instructor Glider – Added Rating (AFG)
Ground Instructor – Advanced (AGI)  Ground Instructor – Basic (BGI)
Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA)  Flight Instructor Glider (FIG)
Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI)  Flight Instructor Gyroplane (FRG)
Flight Instructor Helicopter (FRH)  Flight Instructor Gyroplane – Added Rating (GFA)
Flight Instructor Helicopter – Added Rating (HFA)  Military Competence Instructor (MCI)
Flight Instructor Sport Airplane (SIA)  Flight Instructor Sport Balloon (SIB)
Flight Instructor Glider (SIG)  Flight Instructor Airship (SIL)
Flight Instructor Sport Powered Parachute (SIP)  Flight Instructor Weight-Shift-Control (SIW)
Flight Instructor Sport Gyroplane (SIY)  Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane – Added Rating (AIF)
Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (FIH)  Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (FII)
Ground Instructor Instrument (IGI)  Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter – Added Rating (HIF)

Instrument Rating

Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (FIH)  Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane – Added Rating (AIF)
Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (FII)  Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter – Added Rating (HIF)
Ground Instructor Instrument (IGI)  Instrument Rating Canadian Conversion (ICP)
Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot (IFP)  Instrument Rating Airplane (IRA)
Instrument Rating Helicopter (IRH) .

Parachute Rigger

Parachute Rigger (RIG)  Parachute Rigger Military Competence(RMC)

Recreational & Private Pilot

Private Pilot Airplane (PAR)  Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot –Transition (PAT)
Private Pilot Balloon – Gas (PBG)  Private Pilot Balloon – Hot Air (PBH)
Private Pilot Canadian Conversion (PCP)  Private Pilot Glider (PGL)
Private Pilot Gyroplane/Rec. Pilot – Transition (PGT)  Private Pilot Helicopter/Rec. Pilot – Transition (PHT)
Private Pilot Airship (PLA)  Private Pilot Powered Parachute (PPP)
Private Pilot Gyroplane (PRG)  Private Pilot Helicopter (PRH)
Private Pilot Weight-Shift-Control (PWS)  Recreational Pilot Airplane (RPA)
Recreational Pilot Gyroplane (RPG)  Recreational Pilot Helicopter (RPH)

Sport Pilot

Sport Pilot Airplane (SPA)  Sport Pilot Balloon (SPB)
Sport Pilot Glider (SIG)  Sport Pilot Airship (SPL)
Sport Pilot Powered Parachute (SPP)  Sport Pilot Weight-Shift-Control (SPW)
Sport Pilot Gyroplane (SPY)  Flight Instructor Sport Airplane (SIA)
Flight Instructor Sport Balloon (SIB)  Flight Instructor Sport Glider (SIG)
Flight Instructor Sport Airship (SIL)  Flight Instructor Sport Powered Parachute (SIP)
Flight Instructor Sport Weight-Shift-Control (SIW)  Flight Instructor Sport Gyroplane (SIY)
Inspection Authorization
Inspection Authorization (IAR) .