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The Basic English Placement Test determines the Basic English course level in which students should begin. The test has two parts: a listening skills assessment and an assessment of knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and reading level. The test takes approximately two hours to complete, and students will have their results at the end of the test. It is not necessary to have an appointment. The test lasts about two hours.


T E S T I N G   L O C A T I O N S


Center for Workforce Development

WD 315 Cleveland Ave, Room 1090                                                                  Columbus, OH 43215


When can I take the Basic English Placement Test

  • All students planning on taking the Placement test should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the test time.
  • Anyone who arrives after the test has begun will need to return on a future test date.


Tuesday            November 18, 2014       10:00AM
Wednesday       November 19, 2014         5:30PM
Saturday           November 22, 2014       10:00AM

Tuesday            December  2, 2014       10:00AM
Wednesday       December  3, 2014         5:30PM
Saturday           December  6, 2014       10:00AM
Tuesday            December 16, 2014      10:00AM
Wednesday       December 17, 2014        5:30PM

Tuesday            January 6, 2015           10:00AM
Wednesday       January 7, 2015             5:30PM
Saturday           January 10, 2015          10:00AM


What to bring with you:

  • A government issued photo ID
  • A check or money order for $10

Where do I go:

Non-Credit Registration Office
315 Cleveland Ave, Room 1090



5100 Cornerstone Dr., Delaware, OH 43015

**Anyone planning on taking the placement test at the Delaware Campus should contact them for Testing Times.