Language Institute: Basic English and Computer Courses

Columbus State Skill Devlopment Center Language Courses

Basic English 1–9 and more!

These courses are designed to improve the English language and literacy skills of students. A placement test is needed to determine in which level a student should begin. In each course, students will work on the reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills appropriate to that level. A passing score is needed to progress to the next course level. 

Basic English 1 (LILNG-0101)

In this course, students at the beginning literacy and low-beginning ESL levels will learn the basics of survival English, including numbers and dates, simple questions and answers and the present tense.

Basic English 2 (LILNG-0102)

Low-beginning ESL. Students will build their knowledge using present and present continuous tenses and expand their knowledge of vocabulary of daily life and occupations.

Basic English 3 (LILNG-0103)

High-beginning ESL. Topics covered in this course include use of imperatives, sentences and questions with there is and there are, object pronouns and descriptive words, phrases and sentences.

Basic English 4 (LILNG-0104)

Low-intermediate ESL. This course covers such grammar topics as adverbs of frequency and degree, and simple past. There is also a focus on reading practice and work-related vocabulary.

Basic English 5 (LILNG-0105)

Low-intermediate ESL. In this course students will work with modal verbs, irregular verbs in the present and past and writing, with a focus on the structure of the simple sentence.

Basic English 6 (LILNG-0106)

Intermediate ESL. This course will include an intensive review of grammar to date as well as work with gerunds and infinitives, comparatives and superlatives.

Basic English 7 (LILNG-0107)

Intermediate ESL. In addition to grammar and vocabulary including phrasal verbs and dependent clauses, this class will also emphasize accurate structure of simple, compound and complex sentences.

Basic English 8 (LILNG-0108)

High-intermediate ESL. In this class students will work with basic paragraph structure and different types of topic sentences along with grammar topics including indirect speech and the conditional tense.

Basic English 9 (LILNG-0109)

High-intermediate ESL. By the end of this course, students should be able to write well-organized paragraphs in response to different topics. They will also work with past modals and perfect tenses.

Focus on Writing (LILNG-0117)

This course is designed to give students stronger writing skills through the development of various types of well-written and well-structured paragraphs.  Good topic sentences, supporting details and examples and conclusions will be emphasized, along with appropriate grammar review.

Pronunciation and Conversation (LIBSC-0101) 

This course focuses on oral communication for students and emphasizes basic pronunciation and conversation.

American Conversation (LIBSC-0121) 

This course is designed for those students who need further development of their speaking and listening skills.

Reading Skills 1 (LILNG–0120)

This course is designed to help students read with greater comprehension, retention and speed; they will also improve their passive and active vocabulary skills.

Basic English for Healthcare (LILNG–0125)

In this course, students, who are interested in working in the healthcare professions can learn English grammar and vocabulary related to this important field of work.

Basic English for Business (LILNG–0130)

This course is designed to provide students with some of the language and culture skills needed in the American workplace. Vocabulary will focus on common employment topics, and writing practice will include a resume and cover letter.

Computer Fundamentals (LICPT–0101)

In this course, students who are unfamiliar with computers can learn the basics of using a computer, including using a word processor, saving and printing documents, entering data on a spreadsheet, using e-mail and finding information on the Internet.

Computer Skills for College Success (LICPT-0101)

This course will help students learn to format, edit and save documents, create simple presentations and spreadsheets, and effectively find needed information on the Internet.