Center for Workforce Development

The Center for Workforce Development has consulted with more than 150 business partners in all industry sectors, and has trained 20,000 employees since 1996. Learn more about the valuable business partnerships below.


 Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch

The Challenge: Assist candidates that narrowly missed cut-offs for bench testing in Anheuser-Busch's multi-step selection process for new Maintenance Technicians.

The Solution: In an effort to develop a larger pool of skilled Technicians and avoid possible technician shortages in the future, Anheuser Busch selected college partners to provide training and create a technician development program to successfully train the candidates in the breweries across the country.

The Result: Columbus State Community College met the criteria to offer Anheuser Busch Maintenance Technician Development Program and have successfully graduated candidates from this program over a two year period.

Diagnostic Hybrids      

The Challenge: Develop employee engagement and skilled first and second level leaders.

The Solution: Perform a job analysis of the leadership within the Operations Management Team. Provide skills-based training on interviewing skills, setting performance expectations and reviewing performance progress.

The Result: Identified the competencies and essential work activities of these positions and the skill sets within existing leaders to engage, develop and promote three employees into leadership roles.     

Midwest Express
Group (MEG)


The Challenge: Create an environment where MEG is viewed as the global standard for supply chain management.

The Solution: Created a dynamic and diverse set of leadership and project management software workshops to give MEG employees the tools they need to lead the way.

The Result: Increased morale, decreased turnover and increased profitability.


Children's Hospital


The Challenge: Increase effectiveness of infant Formula Room.

The Solution: Developed and delivered Formula Technician Certificate Training Program.

The Result: Reduced formula error rate and increased effectiveness of Formula Room.


Ohio Department
of Rehabilitation
& Corrections


The Challenge: Hire the best parole officer candidates.

The Solution: Conducted job analysis and validation study, and recommended assessments for parole officer position.

The Result: Agency now has valid selection system for screening applicants for parole officer position.

Medical, Inc.


The Challenge: Develop the company's emerging leaders.

The Solution: Adapted Columbus State's Leadership Institute for Progressive Medical. Delivered the Institute in partnership with Columbus State's President's Office & Human Capacity Development. The Leadership Institute was renamed the COMPASS Program for Progressive.

The Result: Progressive now has a high-intensity program for developing emerging leaders.

Systems, Inc.


The Challenge: Implement an interviewing methodology to improve Sophisticated Systems' ability to identify outstanding candidates for employment with the company.

The Solution: Delivered Behavior-Based Interviewing Skills training.

The Result: Provided a common basis, among team members, for evaluating candidates and reduced the amount of time required to identify the best candidates.

Westerville City Schools


The Challenge: Provide a meaningful leadership development experience for students from the city's three high schools in order to help prepare them for future leadership roles in society.

The Solution: Adapted Columbus State's Leadership Institute for high school students. Delivered the program in partnership with Progressive Medical and with Columbus State's K-12 Initiatives and Human Resources Department. Program was renamed Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow by the students.

The Result: Fifteen high school students learned about leadership and produced group projects of significance for the Westerville Schools and community.