21st Century Skills training

Ohio Skills Bank (OSB) convened employer panels across manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics industry sectors within a nine county region. They all identified a common deficiency – the absence of essential workplace skills in both the emerging and incumbent employee. These skills have been identified nationally as 21st Century skill sets.

Columbus State Community College has partnered with OSB to develop a course to teach essential workplace skills. The curriculum will consist of 11 modules, 4 hours in length. Each module will utilize project themes that will transfer into the next module and cumulate in a hands-on activity in Leadership and a capstone that incorporates the outcomes of all 11 modules.


The following 11 modules are designed to provide basic 21st century skills for individuals who want to focus on specific needs that employers are looking for in the everyday operations of their business. This program earns college credit that can also be applied towards an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Business Management. The requirements for this diploma are as follows:

Week 1 - Orientation

Week 2 - Communication Basics

  • Business Grammar
  • WORD 1
  • PowerPoint 1
  • Communication Model

Week 3 - Working with Others

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing Conflict
  • Generational Diversity

Week 4 - Being Effective Team Member

  • Trust
  • Collaboration

Week 5 - Problem Solving Tools

  • Decision Making
  • Essentials of Problem Solving
  • Creativity Tools

Week 6 - Personal Responsibility

  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Attitude
  • Accountability
  • Thinking Creatively

Week 7 - Essentials of Leadership

  • Motivation
  • Self Assessment
  • Traits and Characteristics

Week 8 – Financial

  • Budgeting/Using Credit

Week 9 – Dealing with Change

  • Employability
  • Life Long Learning
  • Career Exploration

Week 10 – Professional Development

  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Search
  • Business Etiquette

Week 11 – 21st Century Skills Presentation (Capstone Project)

  • Work as a class team on solving a business problem and conduct a presentation on the work in front of a business panel




McGraw-Hill Participant Video




Leslie Southern, Director Education &Workforce Development, OSC

Suzanne Welker, Corporate Vice President Human Resources, Berger Health System

Debra Palmer, MS, RN, Manager, Fairfield Medical Center

Lucy Frontera, PhD. Executive Director, Ohio Partners in Character Education

Dave Phillips, VP of Operations, Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Andy Matt, Director Distribution Services, DSW Inc

Stephanie Nelson, HR Manager, Harry & David

Steven Youll, Midwest Express Group, Senior Staff Administrator, Human Resources

Rich Markham, Vice President, Programs, PolymerOhio. Inc.

Andrew Gordon SPHR, Manager, Human Resources, Columbus Distribution Centers

Timothy O’Callaghan, Anheuser Busch

Qiana Williams, HR Manager, Limited Brands

Bill Tacon, PhD. Senior Director, Workforce & Education

Michael Linton, ODW Logistics

Jeanne M. Derryberry, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Great Oaks Career Campuses