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Test Request for Faculty

Faculty Submission of Exams Procedure

Thank you for choosing to use the Testing Center to administer your examinations.  We are committed to provide excellent proctoring services to your students in a testing environment where exams are administered accurately and securely according to your guidelines.   In order to serve students appropriately, please follow the procedures outlined below when submitting exams:

Testing materials must be received at least one hour prior to closing for processing to begin. Exams submitted after cut off time will be dated as being received the following business day.

Monday – Wednesday
 cut off time to make a test available in 2 days is 7:00pm
cut off time to make a test available in 2 days is 4:00pm
Friday and Saturday
cut off time to make a test available in 2 days is 3:30pm


1) Fill out the appropriate test request form

    • Distance Learning Test Administration Request Form: This form is filled out by an instructor who would like to have his or her exams administered in the Testing Center. On this form the instructor provides the guidelines of how the exam is to be administered to the student. Exams will not be accepted without a completed form. If information is missing from the form, the administration of exams to students may be delayed. 
      Distance Learning Test Administration Request Form (.docx)

  • Classroom/Instructional Makeup Request Form: This form provides makeup test guidelines for students who missed classroom examinations due to documented circumstances beyond their control. (e.g. medical emergency, court appointment, etc.). Makeup exams are not administered for an entire class. Instructors are asked to limit their request to 5 or fewer students per course, per exam. One form is to be filled out per student. Makeup exam forms for Dublin, Gahanna and Westerville instructors are available from front desk personnel at their respective sites.
    Classroom/Instructional Makeup Request Form (.docx)


  • Blackboard Testing - Securexam Course Information Sheet: This form provides information to students on how to access an instructor's exam through blackboard.  Instructors will fill out the top portion of the form with the their name, course name and number and 5-digit synonym(s), exam name, and current semester.  Steps 4 & 5 are the directions your students will follow to access their exam once logged into Blackboard. This information is provided by you.
    Blackboard Testing - Securexam Course Information Sheet (.docx)

NOTE: If this is your first time using SecureExam, please view the information located at Online Faculty SupportAccess Technology, and contact a Web Developer from the Distance Education and Instructional Support (DEIS) at 614-287-5991.

2) The following information must be on the front page of each exam

    • Type of course (e.g., web, video, classroom makeup)
    • Instructor's name
    • Course name and number
    • Exam number or name (e.g., Test 1, Midterm, Final)
    • Space for student's name
    • Deadline date (optional)

3) Hand-carry Makeup exams to the Testing Center at least 48 business hours prior to administration

*Testing materials submitted via campus mail will be returned unprocessed. Makeup exams for the Dublin, Gahanna and Westerville centers should be given to front desk personnel. The omission of any of the above procedures or information will delay test administration.


Test Administration Request Forms

Downloadable Forms (requires free Adobe Acrobat Viewer or MS Word)


Test Return

Completed examinations will be returned to the instructor as requested on the submission forms, in one of two ways:

In-Person Pick-Up

An instructor or his/her designee may pick up exams any time the Testing Center is open for service.  Please bring a valid photo ID when picking up materials. Instructors are asked to pick up unused tests and materials as soon as the testing deadline has passed. 

Instructors at Dublin, Gahanna and Westerville Centers must pick up exams from front desk personnel at their site. A pick up slip must be signed to receive the completed exam. Unused exams will be placed in the instructor's mailbox within two weeks of the exam deadline date.

Campus Mail Delivery

Testing Center staff delivers exams to the campus mailroom Monday through Thursday during the semester. Exams will be returned in red envelopes – designated for test return only. Please return the red envelopes to the Testing Center.

*Your exam return request cannot change with each exam.  Your first request will be adhered to throughout the semester. 

NOTE: During the last two weeks of the semester, ALL exams must be picked up by the instructor or by his/her designee. Campus mailroom delivery will not be used. All materials not picked up by the first Thursday after Finals Week will be discarded.


Other Information for Faculty

Test Denial Forms
A Test Denial Form is given to a student who comes to the Center but is unable to complete a test due to a policy or procedural problem (e.g., arrived too late, no ID, test not available, deadline date passed). A copy of this form is mailed to the instructor.

Incident Reports
The Testing Center adheres to the college's Student Code of Conduct and Academic Misconduct Policies. If a student does not comply with these and with Testing Center Rules and Regulations, testing may be discontinued and an Incident Report detailing the situation will be submitted to the instructor.

Disability Services
Students who are registered with Disability Services and require ADA accommodations may test in the Department of Disability Services. Instructors are responsible for submitting testing materials to Disability Services. Please contact staff at 614-287-2570, Ebling Hall, Room 101.