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Distance Learning - Out-of-City Students

Distance LearningWelcome to the Columbus State Community College Distance Learning program. If you reside more than 45 miles from a Columbus State Campus or Regional Learning Center and you prefer to meet your testing requirements at a more convenient location, you must follow the steps below. Please be aware that proctoring locations may charge you a fee to administer your exams. All fees and payments required at proctoring locations are the responsibility of the student.

Locate a Potential Testing Site 

In order to have your exams proctored outside of Central Ohio for the current semester, you must complete an electronic Proctor Request Form so the site verification process can begin. Please complete this process and notify your professor(s) preferably no later than the first two weeks of the semester.


*Acceptable sites must be staffed by an employee where proctoring is a part of their daily duties and/or responsibility for their position.

  • Any accredited College/University
  • Company or Organization that has a testing operation
  • Proctor U (only for student who reside outside of Ohio and who are enrolled in courses that test through Blackboard). Please see the Getting Started with Proctor U section for more information.
  • Public Libraries with testing operations

EXCLUDED from approval as proctors:

  • Family/Relatives
  • Employers/Supervisors/Co-workers
  • Neighbors/Friends
  • Clergy
  • Staff/Faculty that DO NOT proctor as a part of the Colleges service, responsibility, and job description

To find a location within the United States for proctoring please use the Locations Map link below:

usa-mapLocations Map

All locations found on this map have an established relationship with CSCC Testing Services. Once you have selected a location that fits your needs please submit the Out of City Proctor Request form found below in the next section.

If there is not a location close to you or you would like to use a site not listed, please submit the Out of City Proctor Request from with the sites information. The Coordinator will review your request. Reviews may take 3-5 business days, possibly more for locations outside of the United States.

Proctor U - Secure and Convenient Exam Monitoring

Proctor U is a virtual proctoring service for courses that administer exams via Blackboard. Exams will be taken on your own computer with a proctor monitoring you via the Proctor U website.

Getting Started with Proctor U

  • Create an account within Proctor U by clicking on the Proctor U link below and selecting "Sign Up" on the blue ribbon. You must provide a valid email and phone number.

  • In order to utilize Proctor U, you must complete the following:
    • You are required to have a webcam with a microphone so you can communicate with the proctor. Almost any camera found at local electronics stores are recommended by Proctor U.
    • Check the Technical Specifications page (next to the sign-up link) to make sure your webcam and computer meet Proctor U requirements.
    • Watch the demo video in the "How it Works" section to get a better understanding of Proctor U services.
  • Once you have created an account within Proctor U, Submit the Out of City Proctor Request Form indicating your preference to utilize Proctor U for your testing needs (have your CSCC username/password)

  • Testing Services will notify you via CSCC student email each time an exam is available within Proctor U so that you can sign in and schedule your exam.

  • At the time of your exam type and click on the blinking button asking you to "click here to start."

Click the link below for details about the ProctorU Service.


Submit an electronic Out of City Proctor Request Form

*Required of all students utilizing the Out of City Service*

Proctor and Exam Request Information:

Meanwhile, you must inform your professor(s) of your intent to test outside of Columbus State's five county service areas.  You may submit your Out of City request prior to notifying your professor(s) to begin the processing of your request.

Click the link below to submit an electronic Out of City Proctor Request Form.

  • You will need to sign in with your CSCC username and password to complete a request form
  • All fields must be completed in order to successfully submit your request
  • Tests will not be sent until site has been approved

Out of City Proctor Request Form

IMPORTANT: An electronic Out of City Proctor Request Form is required of any student using the Out of City service, whether testing at a proctor location or with ProctorU.

An Out of City Proctor Request form must be submitted by every student requesting to test Out of the Columbus Area each Semester. Additional requests may be needed if your first Site selection cannot be approved or if you must change your testing location during the Semester.

After the Testing Coordinator has received this information, a Site review is conducted. This process may take 3-5 business days, longer for Sites outside the United States.  Once a Test Site is confirmed to be an acceptable proctor site and the exam has been submitted to the TC by the professor, your exams will be sent standard mail via the United States Postal Service or by e-mail. It is your responsibility to contact the site to verify the receipt of your exam(s) and to schedule a testing time that will meet your professor's deadline. Any fees charged for your testing at the proctoring site are to be paid by you.

Once you have started the process and/or begun taking exams, if any changes occur, information must be received at least five business days before a scheduled exam will be sent out on your behalf. If this information is not received five days prior to the first day that the exam is to be available, you must contact your professor for a deadline extension.

The Testing Coordinator reserves the right to deny a proctoring site at any given time.

We look forward to being a part of your successful semester at Columbus State Community College. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Holly Englert, Coordinator, at 614-287-5675 or by e-mail at