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Distance Learning - Out-of-City Students

Distance LearningWelcome to the Columbus State Community College Distance Learning program. If you reside more than 45 miles from a Columbus State Campus or Regional Learning Center and need to complete testing requirements for your Distance Learning courses, there are certain procedures to be followed.

In order to have your exams proctored outside Central Ohio for the current semester, you must complete an electronic Proctor Request form so the site verification process can begin and notify your professor(s) preferably no later than the first two weeks of the semester.



 *Acceptable sites must be staffed by an employee where proctoring is a part of their daily duties and/or responsibilities for their position.

    • Any accredited College/University
    • Public Libraries
    • Company or Organization that has a testing operation

EXCLUDED from approval as proctors:

    • Family/Relatives
    • Employers/Supervisors/Co-workers
    • Neighbors/Friends
    • Clergy
    • Staff/Faculty that DO NOT proctor as a part of the Colleges service, responsibility and job description




Meanwhile, you must inform your professor(s) of your intent to test outside of Columbus State's five county service areas.  You may submit your Out of City request prior to notifying your professor(s) to begin the processing of your request.

Click the link below to submit an electronic Out of City Proctor Request Form

Out of City Proctor Request Form

    • You will need to sign in with your CSCC username and password to complete a request form.
    • All fields must be completed in order to successfully submit your request.


After the Testing Coordinator has received this information, a Site review is conducted. This process may take 3-5 business days, longer for Sites outside the United States.  Once a Test Site is confirmed to be an acceptable proctor site and the exam has been submitted to the TC by the professor, your exams will be sent standard mail via the United States Postal Service. It is your responsibility to contact the site to verify the receipt of your exam(s) and to schedule a testing time that will meet your professor's deadline. Any fees charged for your testing at the proctoring site are to be paid by you.

Once you have started the process and/or begun taking exams, if any changes occur, information must be received at least five business days before a scheduled exam will be sent out on your behalf. If this information is not received five days prior to the first day that the exam is to be available, you must contact your professor for a deadline extension.

The Testing Coordinator reserves the right to deny a proctoring site at any given time.

We look forward to being a part of your successful semester at Columbus State Community College. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Denise Cashon, Coordinator, at 614-287-5675 or by e-mail at