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Student Email Upgrade FAQ


I bookmarked the login page. Will that still work?

The login page that is bookmarked should be If you bookmarked, It will not work after June 14, 2013 and you should update it.

When will the conversion be completed?

It will take up to 5 days to complete. We will post on the website when the conversion is complete.

What internet browsers are supported with Office 365?

View the Microsoft supported browsers for Office 365.

Will my mobile phone need to be re-configured for sync?

If you used Exchange Activesync with the server address of in your set up, you should not have to reconfigure your phone.

If you used IMAP/POP/SMTP with the server addresses, you will have to remove/re-add your account.

What about my stuff in my SkyDrive?

This stuff will remain in your SkyDrive account and can be accessed at Your password will be the same as your Columbus State password was on June 14, 2013 unless you change it after June 14.

Can Columbus State help me if I forget my password for SkyDrive?

Unfortunately, Columbus State has no access to assist you with recovering your password on You will have to use the Microsoft Password reset tools for that.

When will the Sites and Lync features be available for use?

Columbus State can give access to the Sites and Lync functions in Fall 2014. We will inform you when these features come available.

Is there training available for this change?

How-to-use videos are located here.

Where is my instant messenger?

It is located at

Why does student email ask me what Time Zone I am in?

So they can show your calendar appointments with the correct time.