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Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) provides eligible students the opportunity to obtain part-time employment on-campus or off-campus with one of many community partners. The earnings from these positions can help pay for a student’s educational expenses as well as provide valuable work experience. Students typically work between 12 and 15 hours per week and earn a range of pay rates commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the position.

A variety of positions on campus are available and every effort is made to provide students employment opportunities in their field of study. We also have an extensive list of relationships with local area non-profit agencies who work to better the quality of life for the residents of Ohio. Students are encouraged to explore this meaningful, exciting part of our program.

I have Federal Work Study on my award letter, now what?

Eligible students are awarded "estimated" Federal Work Study awards.  This means that you have the opportunity to apply for open student positions, including those that require Federal Work Study.  This does not mean that you are guaranteed a position.  Each year, a large number of students are shown they are eligible for FWS, but the actual positions and number of students to be hired varies.

All current Student Employment openings are publicly posted at under "Student Employment."  Students browse and apply for positions through this online service.  You may also visit the Student Employment office in Nestor Hall 113 for assistance with utilizing your Federal Work Study award.     

To view additional resources designed to assist students in the employment search, including resume design, visit the Career Services in Nestor Hall 108 or online at     

Benefits of Federal Work Study

  • Flexible work schedules.
  • Alternative to taking student loans.
  • Valuable work experience.
  • Convenience of working on campus reduces transportation cost.
  • Off-campus positions offer exciting opportunities for professional growth and service to the greater Columbus community.
  • FWS earnings are exempt from Social Security taxes.
  • FWS earnings are excluded in determining your expected family contribution (EFC) in the next financial aid year’s FAFSA results.
  • Moderate levels of employment has statistically shown to have a positive relationship to academic achievement and graduation rates.
  • It is a great way to get involved at CSCC or in the Columbus community!

Determining Federal Work Study Eligibility

Eligibility for the FWS program is dependant on the results of a student’s most recent FAFSA and the student’s indicated interest in our program on the FAFSA.  FWS operates on limited funds, so not all eligible and interested students will be able to receive FWS and/or FWS employment through the program. 

Student must maintain good academic standing with the college and be enrolled in 6 or more credit hours at all times to have continued access to the employment opportunities provided by FWS. 

I don't have Federal Work Study on my award letter but am interested.  What now?

Students who are interested in FWS but were not awarded it are still able to request that it be added to their Financial Aid Award Letter.  Our ability to approve or deny such requests depends largely on the individual student's eligibility for Federal Financial Aid and the funding available for the program.  Funding is limited, and we cannot guarantee that all eligible students are awarded Federal Work Study.  To submit a request, visit the Student Employment office in Nestor Hall, room 113.