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Third-Party Sponsors

What should you do if a third party pays your fees?

• Register early and initiate the paperwork for your voucher or payment with your sponsoring company, agency or department as early as possible. If your voucher is class specific, please obtain a Statement of Account from the Cashiers Office to get a specific break down of lab fees associated with a specific class. Ask for a detailed statement not summary.

• For Autumn Semester 2016, paperwork from your sponsoring organization must be received by August 18, 2016 to ensure that the College can process your fee payment by the stated fee deadline. If you are submitting your paperwork the day of the fee payment deadline, it must be received by 6:00 p.m.

• Vouchers or payments should be dropped off during regular business hours at the Cashiers and Student Accounting Office or mailed to: Columbus State Community College, Accounts Receivable – Rhodes Hall Room 207, P.O. Box 1609, Columbus, OH 43216-1609

• For Autumn Semester 2016, vouchers can be faxed to (614) 287-5985 or emailed to before August 18, 2016. If you are emailing your paperwork on the fee payment deadline, it must be received by 5:00 p.m.

• Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the Fee Payment Deadline. Students who suspect that their paperwork may not be received by the College on time should make other arrangements to pay their fees by the stated Fee Payment Deadline and arrange for later reimbursement from their employers.

• Funding sources that are not third party sponsors are Post 9/11 Veteran Benefits, scholarships, and tuition reimbursement (an arrangement in which your employer reimburses fees after the submission of a satisfactory grade).

Credit Bank

The Columbus State Credit Bank system is a tuition hour exchange program for our agency partners in Health, Human, and Public services. These agencies work with Columbus State Community College to provide preceptorial, supervised, and clinical learning opportunities for our students.

Agencies can offer the hours they earn to anyone they employ for any amount. These hours can be used for all regular Columbus State classes offered by the school but the hours only cover tuition costs. Students/employees of the agency are responsible for all other costs including parking, books, and lab fees.

AGENCIES - Agencies can earn Credit Bank hours (tuition hours) by establishing an affiliate contract providing preceptorial/supervised/field placement learning opportunities for Columbus State students. If your agency is interested in becoming a part of our credit bank program, please contact Korie Jenkins at 614-287-2487.

If your agency already has a Credit Bank account, please go to and log-in. Tutorials are available on the Credit Back website. If you do not have your log-in information please contact Chris Scott at 614-287-2634.

STUDENTS – If you are a student and work in the Health, Human or Public Service fields, please contact your HR director to see if your agency is a part of our Credit bank program. If your agency is already a part of this program, please see your HR representative for any questions regarding your credit bank account.

Contact Third Party Sponsors/Accounts Receivable
(614) 287-5658