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Real Estate and Appraisal Advising

Academic Advisors for pre-major students:

Mary Bond
DE 259

Marcy Leeds
DE 259

Sarah Goff
DE 259

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive your faculty advisor:

Faculty Advisors
Faculty Advisor Office Phone Email

Tom Barrowman

WD 1100 287-5686
Office phone   (614) 287-5397  

Please contact or set an appointment with your faculty advisor if you have questions about:

  • Program & Course information: Is this the right course/major for me? What is this class about?
  • Course scheduling: When should I take this class? What class should I take next?
  • Career Information: Where do I go from here? Job readiness, Internships.
  • Academic concerns: Failing class, grades, faculty disputes.

General Questions