Logistics is an industry of great significance to central Ohio residents.  This educational focus is evidenced in a recent report of the Advanced Logistics Council--a professional and educational working group organized by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and dedicated to the “creation of knowledge-based, technology-driven, high-wage jobs in Greater Columbus” (ALC Stakeholder Report, 4/29/05) citing workforce development as one of its key goals.

To meet the challenges of building a world-class logistics workforce, Project EAGLE is focused on providing a high-school to college linkage to produce a seamless educational ladder for students interested in logistics careers. This support will include:
Curriculum Development Support: Course outlines and syllabi for use by high school faculty with particular emphasis on modules that can be integrated into management, marketing or finance curricula.

Current Industry Information: Access to presentations and videotapes of Project EAGLE-sponsored events including presentations and updates given by industry professionals at the Delta Nu Alpha (DNA) quarterly meetings.

Employment Trends: Information on jobs/careers opportunities in various aspects of logistics to help promote student interest in the industry

Seminar for High School Faculty/Counselors: A one-day seminar targeted to the needs of high school faculty and guidance counselors on how to integrate a logistics curriculum at the high school level.
Career Day: Opportunity for students, faculty, parents, etc. to attend a career day event at Columbus State Community College focused on opportunities in logistics/global trade.
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1.800.621.6407 (Within the U.S.)