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Software Developer Track: Get started in programming, or come back to retool your skills. Software developers are in high demand, and you’ll learn cutting-edge languages such as C#, Java and Object-Oriented Programming.

Web Developer Track: Learn how to make beautiful websites -- and learn how to make them work. You’ll study graphic design as well as HTML, CSS, Javascript and mobile development.

Game Developer: Get into the exciting field of video gaming! Learn about game programming languages, 3-D graphics and game engines.

MIS/Project Management Track: IT isn’t just for programmers. Learn how to manage IT projects with our MIS/Project Management track. Learn the ins and outs of IT, as well as how to analyze software, administer databases, and analyze systems.  

Network Administrator Track: Hook up a great career. Network administrators are one of Ohio’s fastest-growing careers. Learn how to set up and administer networks, as well as how to maintain security and recover from disasters.

Network Security Track: There’s a lot of data out there, and someone has to keep it safe. Find out here.

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