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Book Cover“What the best college teachers do”

Chapter 1: Defining the Best

On November 4th, 2010, we kicked off a series of conversations about what the best college teachers do by hearing about the strategies used by some of our recent Distinguished Teaching Award winners. As an additional bonus, President Harrison will moderate the discussion.

We recorded all but the final few minutes. Enjoy the discussion and share your thoughts in the comments below. If you are useing social media use the tags "edlearn" and/or "bestdo."

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List of Question Start Times
:45 What experiences made you the teacher you are today?
4:58 How do you know your students have learned?
7:35 Adam, What is your secret for being "awesome?"
10:20 Leslie, how do help students overcome their anxiety and learn effectively?
12:26 Tina, how do you balance challenging students and supporting them?
15:26 Bain says students learn in "natural critical learning environments." What type of classroom environment promotes student success?
22:14 How do you make new and challenging ideas accessible to "novices."
27:00 How do you create comfortable and engaging online environments?
32:46 How do you share what you know about teaching with your colleagues?
37:04 How do we create a culture where we share and learn from eachother without it being seen as threatening?
44:37 Leslie's "Letter to my future self" innovation
45:44 Some audience feedback about sharing innovations and techniques.
47:50 Do you ever just have a bad class where nothing seems to work?
50:00 What do you expect your students to do outside of class?

Discussion 1 Panelists
Tina Berry (‘09), Leslie Smith(’10) and Adam Keller(‘09) lead a discussion inspired by chapter 1:
“Defining the Best.”

Dr. HarrisonPresident Harrison moderated the first discussion.

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