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Visitation Program

Visitation Program Overview:

The Campus Visitation Program provides schools, access programs, and community organizations the opportunity to visit Columbus State Community College, in order to experience the campus culture, learn about our programs, services, and enrollment processes, and answer questions that prospective students and others have.

Campus Visits are available both on the Columbus Campus and Delaware Campus. The information below regards Columbus Campus Group visits. Delaware Campus Group visits can be arranged by calling 740-203-8348 or by email at

Columbus Campus Scheduling:

Group Campus visits on the Columbus Campus are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Any request outside of this time frame will need to be approved by the Assistant Director of Admissions. Typically, community organizations are scheduled on Wednesday mornings only. The earlier that you request, the more likely you will get your first choice. Availability is dependent upon Admissions Representatives schedules, campus events and many logistical factors. Please arrive 15 minutes early on the day of your visit. The minimum number of people to have an on campus visit is 10 and the maximum is 40. Any groups with more than 40 people can contact Misty Mahefkey, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations, at or by phone at 614-287-2557 to discuss options.


There are two parts of a campus visit - a campus tour and a Columbus State Information Session. Each portion lasts for about an hour. Below, you will find more information on each part of the campus visit experience.

Campus Tour:

  • Performed by a student ambassador (current Columbus State student)
  • Provides overview of campus and key locations, including classroom buildings
  • Opportunity to ask questions to a current Columbus State student about our campus, student population, and resources.

Columbus State Information Session:

  • Information sessions are led by an Admissions Representative at Columbus State. Based on the needs and makeup of your group, the session will be catered to that group. Please let Jason Dutrow know all details about your group so that the presentation can be planned accordingly.

To request a Group Campus Visit, please email or call Misty Mahefkey, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations, at or by phone at 614-287-2557 no later than two weeks prior to when you plan to visit. If your request has been approved, Misty will send you a confirmation email with a parking pass via email. Please arrive 15 minutes early on the day of your visit. If your request has not been approved, the Jason will notify you as well. 

Sign Language

Once your event has been approved, visitors and students may request a sign language interpreter 3 or more business days in advance of the reserved event by clicking on the Sign Language Interpreter Request Form.

Get Started - A Step by Step Guide - Applying and Registering for Classes at Columbus State

Future Students, Applying for college doesn't have to be a chore. There are five steps you need to complete:

  • Step 1: Apply For Admission
  • Step 2: Apply For Financial Aid
  • Step 3: Getting Started Information Session (Orientation)
  • Step 4: COMPASS/ESL Placement Testing
  • Step 5: Registration Workshop
  • Step 6: Register and Pay Fees

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