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Otterbein University

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Otterbein and Columbus State: 2+2 Transfer Program

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Weds, May 18, or Thursday, June 16

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Benefits for Columbus State Graduates:

  • Guaranteed Admission to Otterbein for AA and AS graduates – please note students must apply to some specific programs
  • AA or AS graduates meet Gen Ed Requirements
  • D grades will transfer w/the completion of the Associate Degree
  • Scholarships: $16,000 - President's Transfer Scholarship, $14,000 - Trustee Transfer Scholarship, $12,000 - Provost's Transfer Scholarship, $11,000 - Dean's Transfer Scholarship, $5,000 - Alumni Transfer Scholarship

How will a course transfer? Course equivalency information

For more information - Transferring to Otterbein

Otterbein online application here

First Step:

Become a Columbus State student: Get Started Guide

Current Columbus State Student: Transferring to Otterbein


Important Note:

Beginning Fall 2017, Otterbein students must earn 126 hours for graduation (vs. 128)


AA to Art (Studio) - working on updates

AA to Communication Studies
AA to Journalism and Media
AA to Public Relations

AA to Sustainability Studies or AS to Sustainability Studies - working on updates

AS to Allied Health

AS to Chemistry - working on updates
AS to Mathematics - working on updates
AS to Physics - working on updates

AA to Early Childhood Education
AA to Middle Childhood Education (Language Arts & Social Studies)
AS to Middle Childhood Education (Math & Science)

Early Childhood Education and Development to Early Childhood Education