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Associate of Arts / Associate of Science

Arts & Science transfer

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees (offered by the Arts and Sciences Division) are specifically designed to be the first two years of a bachelor's degree. They allow you to transfer all your Columbus State credits to another college and apply them to a four-year degree.

Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts

Associate of Science

If you started prior to Summer Quarter 2010, please refer to your Degree Audit Report or contact an Arts and Sciences Advisor for help identifying your degree requirements.

Arts and Sciences Advising

The Arts & Sciences Academic Advising Team advises students seeking the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree for transfer to colleges and universities awarding bachelor's degrees. Students can consult with an advisor for degree & graduation planning, assistance with developing & achieving academic goals, and transfer resources.

Ohio Transfer Module

The Ohio Transfer Module is a set of courses that fulfills general education requirements for all Ohio public colleges. Completion of the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees guarantees completion of the Ohio Transfer Module as well.

happy graduateWhy should I get my Associate degree if I'm just going to transfer?

Getting an associate degree gives you a great foundation and some added benefits:

  • Big savings: The difference between one year and two years at Columbus State translates to as much as $25,000 that you don't need to find, save, or borrow.
  • Students completing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at Columbus State Community College will be considered to have met all transferable lower division general education requirements for all state-supported institutions in Ohio.
  • With an associate degree, you're guaranteed to enter your four-year school as a junior. That ensures you get the maximum credit for the classes you've already completed toward your general education requirements.

And we know completing the associate degree is a great first step – students who transferred after completing an associate of arts or associate of science degree were 77% more likely to complete a bachelor degree in 4 years (compared with students who didn't finish their associate degree).