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Math 1099

Math 1099 is a one-semester class to bring you back up to speed and get you ready for college Math. It uses an individualized, technology-based approach.

Math 1099This class is for students who have seen algebra before, but need a refresher. It covers material seen in DEV 0115 (Pre-Algebra), Math 1020 (Beginning Algebra I), Math 1030 (Beginning Algebra II), and Math 1075 (Intermediate Algebra).

Students who test into DEV 010 (Basic Mathematics) are not eligible for this course but should consider brushing up in CougarEdge.

Self-Paced: Students take the class with individual pacing schedules, using a unique online learning system. The system gives you lessons where you continue to practice until you are ready to move to the next module.

Mastery-Based: After demonstrating mastery of a module, you move on to the next module. This approach ensures that students don't just make it through the class, but they achieve their goals and are prepared for the next class.

When and Where? MATH 1099 is offered each semester at both the Columbus Campus and the Delaware Campus as well as some Regional Learning Centers.

Save Time and Money: Math 1099 is a big time and money-saver because it allows students to move through several courses in a single term. It also prepares students for college math. If you're trying to conserve Financial Aid dollars, or paying your own way, that's an important consideration.

How to Sign Up: First, take your COMPASS placement test to see if you are eligible for Math 1099. Then, sign up for it as usual through CougarWeb.

No hit to your GPA: Students get either an S (Satisfactory) or an U (Unsatisfactory), so taking Math 1099 can't affect your GPA.