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Preferred Pathway® Scholars

The first crop of Preferred Pathway® scholars gets a special send-off from Dr. Gee and Dr. Harrison.

Although any student can follow the Preferred Pathway® Program, certain students will be selected as Preferred Pathway® Scholars.

Preferred Pathway® Scholars are emerging CSCC student leaders participating in a closely advised program designed to complement the Preferred Pathway® partnership with OSU. Preferred Pathway® Scholars must submit an application, meet specific eligibility criteria, and commit to ongoing requirements. They have access to additional benefits in the Preferred Pathway® Program.


A new Scholars cohort begins each autumn. The Application deadline has been extended to June 1.Scholars Application


  • Dual Advising with OSU and a designated Preferred Pathway® Scholar Advisor at CSCC.
  • Invitation to Preferred Pathway® Scholar social networks and special events.
  • Customized student ID for access to exclusive resources at CSCC and OSU.
  • Access to OSU library, selective athletic events, and other First Year Experience activities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Demonstrate College Readiness through the COMPASS placement test, ACT subscores, or AP credit (ACT English 18, ACT Math 20 and ACT Reading 21 or COMPASS placement into English 1100, Math 1075, and No Reading Required.
  • Commit to full-time status.
  • First Time in College - recent high school graduate.

Commitment Requirements

  • Full-time status (12 credit hours or more).
  • Register for Freshman Seminar and English courses reserved for Preferred Pathway® Scholars.
  • Attend a Preferred Pathway® Scholar Orientation
  • Maintain satisfactory academic status in preparation for intended program requirements.
  • Actively contribute to a campus student club or organization.
  • Regularly attend Preferred Pathway® Scholar events and activities.
  • Participate in required Student Success Workshops.
  • Meet with designated Academic Advisor as required.

Program Goals

  • Develop student success skills through services, resources, engagement, and awareness.
  • Establish a community of academic and civic leaders.
  • Promote intentional diversity in learning experiences.

Program Outcomes

  • Administration of a First Year Experience Program connecting Columbus State and Ohio State.
  • Creation of learning community cohorts in partnership with Student and Academic Affairs at Columbus State and Ohio State.
  • Persistence and success in graduating from both colleges for the upcoming and future participants.

Program Contact  Stephanie Pfeifer, Preferred Pathway Advisor 614-287-5283