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 Internship Preparation

What is an Internship?

An internship is a mentored work experience with an educational focus related to a student’s major.  Typically, students participate in an internship during the final semester of their plan of study.  Internships are completed for credit and most concentrations require internship completion for graduation.  The term practicum is often used to describe educational internship opportunities.

How does an internship program benefit the community?

Internship programs provide a work force of experienced graduates for the community and local industry. It provides employment screening, i.e., the employer has the opportunity to observe the students and evaluate their suitability for full-time employment.

What should the employer expect of the students in the program?

You will find that students at Columbus State Community College are mature, motivated individuals who are totally committed to their career goals. State-of-the-art curriculums, which in many instances are taught by practicing professionals, provide our students with a practical education and prepare them for the work environment.

As an employer, what are my specific responsibilities during the internship period?

An internship employer, referred to as a “mentor”, provides our students a needed measure of guidance in applying textbook theories and concepts to real world business situations. Feedback and praise should be provided to the student to help constructively build their professional skills.  Ideally, internships should be project-oriented rather than job-oriented.

Will the student understand that they are responsible for adhering to all company policies?

We strongly emphasize to all potential interns the importance of following all company policies and procedures. We also stress the importance of confidentially. It is important that the employer take the time to explain key policies and procedures at the onset of the internship. The intern should be treated as any permanent employee. Students should be above-average employees. It is expected they will exemplify dependability, enthusiasm, a sense of urgency, drive, maturity, leadership, and be a team player.  

What is the duration of the internship and how flexible is the time frame?

The internship program follows the academic calendar which is broken into fifteen (15) week semesters. Generally, the Autumn Semester will run from August to December and Spring Semester from January to May.   Summer Semester internships will also be offered in an accelerated 10 week session typically running from mid May through early August.