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Frequently Asked Questions


When I am accepted to the program am I a Columbus State Community College student or an Ohio State University student?

You would officially be considered a Columbus State Community College student until the time you transfer to Ohio State. However, as a student in the Pipeline to Health Science Careers program, you will have access to some opportunities and events at OSU during your first two years at CSCC. Students in their second year will be eligible to participate in OSU research internships.

What if I don't make the GPA cutoff after my two years at Columbus State? Can I still transfer to OSU?

Should a student not meet the curricular, involvement, or grade-point average milestones required by the program, they will be removed from the program and lose scholarship funding from that point forward. Academic advising will be provided to support students in considering alternative pathways for completing their degree. Students completing the CSCC Associate degree with a 2.0 or higher would still be eligible to transfer to OSU.

I am interested in becoming a nurse. Can I do the undergraduate major in nursing under this program?

The Pipeline to Health Sciences Careers program does not support students wanting to complete the entry level professional program in nursing. OSU’s BS in Nursing is a one year pre-major and three year major which cannot be done in two years at CSCC and two years at OSU. Students wanting to participate in the Pipeline to Health Sciences Careers program should be open to exploration of the health science fields and committed to completing an undergraduate major in a life science area. Students interested in a nursing career can pursue the Masters in Nursing through the college’s Graduate Entry Program.

Does this scholarship pay for housing or textbooks?

The program covers tuition and fees for two years at CSCC and two years at OSU. It does not cover housing, living, or text book costs. Students participating in this program should anticipate and budget for these essential additional expenses. The current average cost of books and supplies for CSCC is $1,520/year and $ 1,248/year for OSU. Estimated room and board costs will vary based on individual situation (from $0 to $11,182/year).

Does this program guarantee admission to Ohio State Health Sciences Programs?

Admission to an OSU health sciences college is guaranteed if a student in the program has met all curricular, involvement, and grade-point average milestones, as well as college-specific grade-point average and standardized exam criteria. Students are not required to pursue a program at OSU.

I work 20 hours per week. Will I be able to participate if I am not able to attend school full-time?

While it is possible for students to work while attending school and participating in the Pipeline to Health Science Careers program, students are strongly encouraged to consider their time demands and make sure they are able to attend school full-time and devote the time needed to succeed at the level the program requires. Full-time enrollment will be necessary to complete the program within the funded two years at CSCC and two years at OSU.

Will the course work I'm required to do at Columbus State automatically ensure that I'll complete an Associate degree?

Yes, if you successfully complete the prescribed pre-health science curriculum at CSCC you will be awarded the Associate of Science degree.