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Welcome to the Psychology Department at Columbus State Community College!

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes.  Simply put, it's an exciting field that helps us understand who we are, what we think, how we feel, and why we behave the way we do.  The many sub-fields of psychology - abnormal, developmental, social, personality, and more - make it applicable to most every major, occupation, or personal experience. 

The CSCC Psychology Department has over 50 full-time and adjunct instructors who have experience in diverse areas of psychological research, teaching, and service.  In addition, the Psychology Department houses the Education Program which provides courses for those entering the teaching profession.  We offer a variety of classes that can help you earn your associates degree or start you on the path towards earning your bachelors.  Transfer agreements and partnerships with other four-year institutions allow you to take your first steps towards a degree in psychology in the more personal classroom setting that Columbus State provides. 

A list of course descriptions can be found via the link to the right. 

Enroll in a psychology class today and discover the fascinating world of human thoughts and behavior!

Contact Us:
309 Center for Technology and Learning (TL)
550 East Spring St.
Columbus, OH  43215
Main Office: 614-287-2040
Fax: 614-287-2324
Gary Piggrem, PhD
TL 336



Each semester, the Student Recognition Committee of the Psychology Department considers students nominated by their instructors to be recognized for their hard work and dedication in their Psychology or Education classes.

The Student Recognition List is named after Dr. Carolyn Kaufman, a former Psychology faculty member who epitomized the very qualities that are being considered for this award.

The following students are being recognized for their leadership, engagement, and outstanding performance in their Psychology classes.

Spring 2015

Jeremy Ball Daniel Lester-Owens
Robert Ballinger Tabitha Manning
Jacob Bonnie Crystal Martin
Amy Flanagan Laura Mevis
Beth Gould Phillip Michalowski
Seth Hahn Alec Miller
Frank Harrison Peter Morales
Geri Huygen Anna Powers
Cassandra Jenkins Edith Ramirez
Sulin Jiao Katherine Sullivan
Shari Krueger April Thacker