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Plans of Study 2014-2015

These are 2014-2015 plans of study.

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The Practical Nursing Certificate program is a part-time evening and weekend program designed to prepare graduates to provide health care to clients of various ages in a variety of health care settings. The program is designed as a career path for entry-level patient care providers. Nursing assistants and patient care assistants can continue their education in the PN certificate program and become licensed practical nurses after successful completion of the program and passing the PN licensing examination. After obtaining their practical nursing license, graduates of the PN certificate program may apply for articulation into the associate degree nursing program at Columbus State Community College.

The Practical Nursing Certificate program is sequential and it helps students to develop communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Nursing courses are structured to promote student learning through lecture, laboratory, clinical, seminar, and practicum experiences. All students are required to purchase the ATI online learning systems program, a comprehensive tutorial and testing package that is used throughout the program. Learning opportunities are designed to apply practical nursing concepts in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health for clients. Students learn to work collaboratively with other health team members in the health care delivery system.

Students take 24 hours of Practical Nursing courses and 14 hours in arts and sciences for a total of 38 credits. Students will participate in clinical experiences in a variety of health care settings under the direction of a registered nurse. A comprehensive predictor exam will be given during the last semester of the program.

Students who successfully complete the Practical Nursing Certificate program are qualified to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). The program is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing. In Ohio, licensure from the Ohio Board of Nursing is required for employment.

Upon completion of the Practical Nursing Certificate program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the role and scope of practice for the practical nurse in Ohio
  • Apply knowledge from the biological, behavioral, and nursing sciences to the care of clients
  • Utilize the nursing process to provide safe and effective nursing care to a diverse population in a variety of health care settings
  • Communicate effectively with clients and families, health care providers, and community members for the purpose of health promotion, maintenance and restoration
  • Safely perform nursing skills according to accepted standards of practice
  • Demonstrate professionalism by engaging in legal, ethical, and accountable behaviors and utilizing economic concepts as they relate to the health care arena
  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines using critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate caring behaviors by respecting the diversity of each person by treating them with dignity and integrity
  • Collaborate with the health care team to provide and delegate nursing care according to Ohio Board of Nursing rules.

Program Admissions Information

Students need to apply to Columbus State and adhere to admission criteria. Specific requirements for admission to the Practical Nursing Certificate Program are listed below.

  • Completion of the Practical Nurse Certificate program application
  • High school biology, with grade of “C” or better, within the past 5 years or BIO 0100 Introduction to Biological Sciences, or a college-level biology
  • Placement into ENGL 1100 Composition I
  • Completion of MATH 1030 Beginning Algebra II (or higher placement)
  • Completion of the following college courses with a grade of “C” or better: NURC 1101 Nurse Aide Training Program or STNA and MULT 1010 Medical Terminology
  • Completion of Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with scores of 73% in Reading, 63% in English, 46% in Science, and 60% in Math or completion of the HESI A2 Test with a minimum average score of 75%
  • Grade point average of 2.6 or better in most recently completed college course work.
  • Completion of COLS 1100 First Year Experience Seminar is recommended.

The Ohio Board of Nursing Felony Policy, Section 4723.28 of the Ohio Revised Code, states that the Board may deny a convicted felon a license or the privilege of sitting for the licensure examination. A student with a history of felony conviction is responsible for informing the program coordinator.

The Ohio Board of Nursing Licensure Application includes the requirement that all applicants for licensure identify existing psychiatric conditions(s). Please check with the Board of Nursing, (614) 466-3947 or, for further clarification.

A federal law known as the “Personal Responsibility Act” (PRWORA) limits licensure to U.S. citizens and other qualified applicants. The State Board of Nursing is required to keep assurance of citizenship on record with applications for licensure.

Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Semester 1 . .
PNUR 1100 Practical Nursing Fundamentals  2
BIO 2300 Human Anatomy  4
NURC 1102 Patient Care Skills  3
Semester 2 . .
BIO 2232 Human Physiology  4
ENGL 1100 Composition I  3
PNUR 1765 PN Maternal & Child Care  2
PNUR 1865 PN Maternal & Child Care Clinical  1
Summer Semester . .
PNUR 1200 Mental Health Concepts for the Practical Nurse  1
PNUR 1300 Pharmacology I for the Practical Nurse  2
PNUR 1766 PN Concepts Related to Health Promo & Rest I  2
PNUR 1866 PN Concepts Related to Health Promo & Rest I Clinical 1
Semester 3 . .
PNUR 1400 Pharmacology II for the Practical Nurse  2
PNUR 1767 PN Concepts Related to Health Promo & Rest II  2
PNUR 1867 PN Concepts Related to Health Promo & Rest II Clinical  2
Semester 4 . .
PNUR 1900 PN Transition to Practice  2
PNUR XXXX Technical Elective  1
PSY 1100 Introduction to Psychology  3
PNUR 1906 PN Transition to Practice Practicum  1

Technical Electives
The following courses are approved for technical elective requirements:

PNUR 1201 Introduction to Relaxation Techniques  1
PNUR 1202 Care of the Older Adult  1
PNUR 1203 Transcultural Nursing  1
PNUR 1204 Ethical Issues in Health Nursing  1
PNUR 1205 PN Role with ECGs  1
PNUR 1206 Care of Immobile Patients  1
PNUR 1294 SPT: Practical Nursing  1

NOTE: A grade of ‘C’ or higher is required in every course