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Admissions Requirements

practical nursingAdmissions Steps

1. Apply to Columbus State

Online Application

2. Academic Advising

Make an appointment with an Advisor

View the Plan of Study.

3. Apply to Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing Application form

Deadlines for full-time evening program:

  • May 31 for Autumn Semester

Deadline for full-time day program:

  • February 28 for Summer Semester

Program Requirements

Students take 24 semester hours of nursing courses and 13 semester hours in arts and sciences for a total of 37 credits. Students will participate in clinical in a variety of health care settings under the direction of a registered nurse. 

The program admission requirements include NURC 1101, MULT 1010, BIO 2300, ENGL 1100, Math 1030, GED or HS transcript, 2.6 GPA and Good Academic Standing, and the TEASV entrance test results of 73% Reading, 63% English, 46% Science, and 60% Math.  HESI A2 (75% passing including Science) can also be used as an entrance exam but if continuing on to the RN program, please be aware that you only have two attempts to take the HESI A2 to pass.  Both tests need to be taken at Columbus State Community College.  For information about the TEASV or HESIA2 tests or to make an appointment to sit for the exam, please call 287-5750. 

Standards Essential for Nursing Students are required in order to be considered for admission into a nursing program.

4. Acceptance

Once admitted to the program, you will receive an acceptance letter which will be sent two weeks after application acceptance deadline. Complete a health records form with the Health Records office.