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Online Refresher Course Descriptions

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Course Description Term Offered Course Credits/CMLE
Hematology I This course focuses on the origins, morphology, and function of blood cells. The theory and technology used in analyzing blood cells as well as the laboratory evaluation of hematologic disorders will be discussed. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate theoretical comprehension of hematology. Summer (June-Aug) 2/10
Hematology II This course builds on the routine Hematology procedures covered in Hematology I. Blood smears are prepared and studied for the identification of blood cells that aid in the diagnosis of anemias, leukemias, hemoglobinopathies, and other disease states. Also included is the study of coagulation and the routine procedures used to evaluate hemostasis. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to perform routine hematology procedures during clinical experience. Summer (June – Aug) 2/10
Immunology This course covers the immune system, the nature of immune responses, and the application of immunological reactions to a variety of laboratory procedures. Also included are discussions of the etiology and diagnosis of immunologically mediated diseases. Autumn (Aug-Dec) 2/10
Clinical Microbiology This course provides a comprehensive survey of clinical microbiology, including mycology and parasitology.  Emphasis is placed on the identification of pathogenic organisms covering both routine and special areas of clinical microbiology. Spring (Jan-June) 3/15
Clinical Chemistry This course introduces the application of biochemistry to laboratory medicine and the understanding of the human in health and disease. Analytical procedures utilized to determine chemical constituents in blood, urine and other body fluids will be presented. The chemical principles of the methods will be discussed as well as the correlation of test results as indicators of presence or absence of disease. Autumn (Aug-Dec) 3/15
Immunohematology This course is designed to prepare students to perform, according to American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) standards, the routine serological procedures used in any transfusion service or blood bank. Stress is placed on the performance of pretransfusion testing and the recognition of the presence of serological incompatibilities in a patient’s specimen. Students will be introduced to the techniques used in the resolution of the most commonly encountered serological difficulties. Class discussions will also include donor blood collection and processing for component therapy, blood transfusion practices, adverse affects of blood transfusion, investigation of transfusion reactions, and fetal-maternal blood incompatibilities. Summer (June-Aug) 3/15
Body Fluids The course introduces the physical, chemical, and microscopic examination and interpretation of urine and other body fluids in normal and abnormal states, examination and interpretation. Autumn (Aug-Dec) 2/10
Med Lab Case Studies This capstone course provides a cumulative review of clinical laboratory procedures and theoretical concepts from all phases of laboratory testing.  Emphasis is placed on recall and application of theory, correlation, and evaluation of all areas of clinical laboratory science. Upon completion, students should be prepared for national certification examinations. Summer (June-Aug) 2/10