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At Columbus State, you'll work on a number of state-of-the-art equipment -- including some you might not find at four-year schools. This is the equipment you'll be working on in the workplace.

All offices for Interpreting/ASL Education are located on the second floor of  Union Hall

ChristineChristine A. Evenson

Chris is the coordinator and a full-time Assistant Professor for the Interpreting/American Sign Language Education program.  She graduated from Columbus State Community College with an Associate of Applied Sciences in Interpreting/Transliterating. She holds two degrees from the Ohio State University - a Bachelor of Science Degree in English Education and English as a Second Language, and a Master of Arts Degree in Foreign and Second Language Education.  Chris established a program offering ASL as a foreign language in the Westerville City Schools and taught there for eight years before joining the staff at CSCC.  She is currently working on her Qualified Level Certification for American Sign Language Teacher’s Association. Married, with five children, she enjoys gardening and reading

Please contact me at 614-287-5616 or at

JoanJoan Kimbler

Joan is the secretary of the Interpreting/ASL Education Program and has been employed at Columbus State Community College for five years.  She has worked for twenty-five years in the secretarial field. Joan is married and has two children.  Her hobbies are reading and gardening.  

(614) 287-2540


TinaTina J. Perry

Tina J. Perry is a full-time instructor in the Interpreting/American Sign Language Education program.  Tina’s parents are both Deaf and reside here in Ohio.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Wilberforce University and has a Masters degree from Ohio University.  She holds a Certificate of Interpretation & Certificate of Transliteration from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and a level 5 Master certificate from The National Association of the Deaf.  Tina is married and has 5 children.
Union 215  (614) 287-3688