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Environmental Technology



The Environmental Science, Safety and Health program was established to provide the skills necessary for a variety of careers in the environmental industry and safety profession. The curriculum is very broad with many of the courses emphasizing environmental science, engineering and regulations. Classes in the Environmental Science, Safety and Health program also offer opportunities for individuals seeking career changes, continuing education and skills enhancement.

Environmental and safety technicians apply the principles of science, engineering, communication, and economics to protect and enhance the safety and health of humans and of our natural resources. Job opportunities are very diverse with many graduates of the program being employed with environmental consulting firms, water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities, construction companies, and governmental agencies.

For more information, please contact the Construction Sciences Department by email at or call (614)287-5030

Suiting up for Learning

Under the direction of Prof. Jeff Bates, students suit up to get a real-world look at hazardous materials. This training will help them meet federal standards - and could help save lives.