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Conference Schedule, Saturday May 2nd, 2015, 9-4:15PM


“Make Some Noise”—Susan Flatt, Betsy Clark, Callah Thomas

“Taking Inventory: Playing with the List in Poetry and Prose”—Hannah Stephenson

“Subtext—Understanding and Expressing What Lies Beneath the Surface in Your Story”—Ann Palazzo

“Writing with Sense”—Yolanda Sanders


“Experimental Methods of Writing Poetry”—Rochelle Hurt

Keynote Workshop—Jaswinder Bolina

“Crafting Dynamic Dialogue”—Christiane Buuck and Meredith Doench

“We Regret to Inform You: Dealing with Literary Rejection”—Laura Mayene Walter


Keynote Book Signing


Open Lunch


Keynote Talk


“Getting Started Publishing Speculative Fiction and Poetry: Selling Your Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing”—Jarod K. Anderson, Leslie J. Anderson, Chris Phillips, and Evan Dicken

“Pleasing the Palate: Strategizing Synesthesia in the Poetic Image”—Joy Sullivan

“Leading from Behind: How to Run a Successful Workshop Without Being the Workshop”—Brad Pauquette

“Selfie or Satellite Map:  Pick Your Perspective and Point of View in Fiction”—Judy Anderson


“Finding Art Through Ekphrastic Writing”—Mary Quade

“Use What You Have to Get What You Want: Building a Writing Career Using Unconventional Opportunities in the New ‘Gig’ Economy”—Jon Theiss

“Talk It Out Before Writing It Out—Crafting Story Development Using Play”—Kevin Cordi

“Poetry and Play: Letting Loose the Unconscious and Finding Your Way Back to Craft”—Steve Abbott