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Fire Science Plan of Study


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Technological advancements and increasing sophistication in fire fighting and prevention have made the role of the professional in this field more complex, requiring advanced preparation. This program is designed for firefighters and professionals in related fields such as construction engineering, insurance investigation, and corporate safety.

The Fire Science Program is accredited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS commonly referred to as the Fire Charter (Certificate # 311).

The program emphasizes fire fighting techniques, fire prevention, fire protection systems, and customer service. Combining these subjects with advanced hazardous material response, building construction, and hydraulics gives the student a firm foundation in fire protection and prevention.

Upon completion of the Associate Degree in Fire Science, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills with supervisors, peers, and the public
  • Explain the history and basic principles of the fire service
  • Recognize and respond to changing fire conditions and the potential for collapse in structures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal aspects of the fire service
  • Demonstrate the duties and responsibilities of Incident Command
  • Demonstrate necessary proficiencies with extinguishment hydraulics and fire protection systems
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of fire investigation principles.

Successful completion of FIRE 1001 and FIRE 1002 will enable the student to sit for the State of Ohio Certification Exam for Firefighter I & II. State Certification in Ohio is required for employment at the majority of Fire Departments in the State.

Fire Science Associate Degree

Semester 1 .
COLS 1100 First Year Experience Seminar  1
ENGL 1101 Composition I  3
FIRE 1001 Firefighter I  5
FIRE 1002 Firefighter II  5
Semester 2 .
EMS 1860 Emergency Medical Technician  7
CHEM 1111 Elementary Chemistry I  4
FIRE 1101 Legal Issues for the Emergency Services  3
Summer Semester .
CSCI 1101 Computer Concepts & Applications  3
FIRE 1103 Hazardous Materials Technician Level  3
FIRE 1105 Strategies/Tactics of Firefighting  3
FIRE 2001 Fire Service Company Officer  3
FIRE XXXX Technical Elective  2
Semester 3 .
PSY 1100 Introduction to Psychology  3
FIRE 2105 Advanced Building Construction/Collapse  3
HUM xxxX Refer to approved list  3
EMS XXXX Rescue Electives (select 2 from list)  4
FIRE XXXX Technical Elective  2
Semester 4 .
MATH 1030 Beginning Algebra II  3
FIRE 2003 Fire Arson Investigation  3
FIRE 2005 Principles of Fire Scene Command  3
FIRE XXXX Technical Elective  3

Technical Electives:

FIRE 1007 Fire Hydraulics/Water Supply  2
FIRE 1009 Fire Prevention/Protection Systems  3
EMS 2102 Public Safety Service Instructor  5

Rescue Electives:

EMS 1004 River Rescue  2
EMS 1005 Ice & Cold Water Rescue  2
EMS 1006 Vertical Rescue  5


HART 1201 History of Art I  3
HART 1202 History of Art II  3
HIST 1111 European History to 1648  3
HIST 1112 European History since 1648  3
HIST 1151 American History to 1877  3
HIST 1152 American History since 1877  3
HIST 1181 World Civ I: Non-Western/Non-Amer/1500  3
HIST 1182 World Civ II: Non-Western/Non-Amer/Since 1500  3
HIST 2223 African American History I:  1451-1876  3
HIST 2224 African American History II:  1877-Present  3
HUM 1100 Introduction to Humanities  3
HUM 1270 Comparative Religions  3
MUS 1251 Survey of Music History  3
PHIL 1101 Introduction to Philosophy  3
PHIL 1130 Ethics  3

NOTE 1: Prior to enrolling in any Fire Science courses, student must complete one of the following: FIRE 1001 and FIRE 1002, or have documented Firefighter I and II certification.

NOTE 2: Students with EMT, Firefighter I and II, and/or apprenticeship certification may qualify for other nontraditional credit (“N”) which may apply toward the degree. Contact the Fire Science Technology coordinator at for an advising appointment.

NOTE 3: FIRE 2105 Construction/Collapse for Experienced Firefighters is not open to students with credit for FIRE 1005. FIRE 2005 Incident Command is for Experienced Firefighters only. Contact the Fire Science Technology coordinator at for an advising appointment.