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Student American Dental Laboratory Association

Program has been discontinued

Welcome to the web site for the Student American Dental Laboratory Association at Columbus State! This organization is dedicated to providing unity among Dental Laboratory Students, as well as raising funds for dental hygiene-related causes!

Fundraiser: Children’s Rhymes for Toothbrush Time 

Children's Rhymes for Toothbrush TimeChildren’s Rhymes for Toothbrush Time is a collaborative project put together by the Columbus State Community College Dental Laboratory Class of 2010. Our goal was to create a simple, fun and well-rounded collection of songs to help promote good oral habits in young children. This twelve song collection encompasses many topics, including the functions of the mouth, brushing, baby teeth, nutrition, preventive care and more!

The collection is intended to be used as a tool for parents, caregiver’s and dental professionals to get children excited about their mouths. Music is an invaluable resource for teaching children. How do we learn the ABC’s? Each song has been written to familiar children’s tunes, so that anyone can sing along.

Cost $12 for one, $20 for two. 

Includes both the 12-song cd and activity booklet.

Payment through cash or check made out to CSCC Dental Laboratory. Contact Andrea Walsh at 614-287-2547 or visit the Dental Lab office in Room 433 at Union Hall to purchase copies. If you have additional questions please email our representative at

This accompanying booklet contains the lyrics, activities and coloring pages to be used in conjunction with the music. Basic oral health information is also provided. The activities could be used at home, in a classroom or even in a dental office. Copy the coloring pages for multiple uses. A monthly calendar is included for children to mark when they care for their mouths. These activities supplement musical experiences.

Dental disease is preventable with good habits and regular checkups. Instilling the value of dental care in young children will last a lifetime. This collection will help foster knowledge, build positive attitudes and encourage healthy behavior. Use this resource to “get ‘em while they are young.”

Fundraiser: Whitestrips

Crest® Whitestrips® Supreme
Available here!
Only $35.00 for a 21 day supply!
Be advised that Professional  Crest®  Whitestrips®  Supreme will not lighten crowns, composite fillings, porcelain veneers or any material other than natural tooth enamel and CSCC is not responsible for replacement of restorative treatment.  If you experience tooth sensitivity, we recommend the use of a toothpaste for sensitivity two weeks prior and during the whitening process.

Contact Don Durst at:
Health, Dental & Veterinary Office
Union Hall. Room 407
614-287-3655 or     

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