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Police Academy


CSCC Police Academy

Columbus State Community College’s Criminal Justice program annually conducts a Peace Officer Basic Training Academy (police academy), fully certified through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC). This certification is required of any and all persons seeking to become a police officer in the State of Ohio.

Our academy is embedded within a two-year associate’s degree program where attendees attend college classes for the first year (3 semesters) of the program and then participate in academy training classes the second year over a two-semester period, culminating in the State Certification Exam conducted by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  Throughout the academy, participants are additionally tested on a variety of technical training skills to include Physical Fitness, Self-Defense, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operation and First Aid/CPR.  Individuals must pass each individual technical skill testing measure to be permitted to sit for the final OPOTC Certification Exam. 

Completion rate, graduation rate and job placement rate for the Academy Track program annually exceeds 80%.

Note: at this time we do not currently operate a “stand-alone” police academy for individuals who are only interested in obtaining the certification training without attending and completing the two-year degree program. We additionally do not foresee any available spots being made available for individuals with prior degree work in CJ or Law Enforcement until 2015 or later. 


Program Parameters

  • Approximately 700 hours of training (combination of seated & technical skill)
    • Runs mid-August through mid-May (Autumn & Spring semesters)
    • Classroom training sessions are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
    • Technical Skill training sessions are held in the afternoons (variable) and on some weekend dates
    • Costs include tuition (based on credit hour fee schedule), uniform purchase & training equipment purchase
    • Uniform & training equipment costs (not eligible for financial aid) are approx. $600.00

Eligibility Requirements

  • Declared “Academy Track” major (CRJ.ACAD.AAS) and completion of first three semesters of the plan of study (or relatively close)
  • Hold a valid Ohio driver’s license
  • No felony convictions (includes juvenile convictions)
  • No criminal convictions of domestic violence
  • No misdemeanor convictions of violence (includes juvenile convictions)
  • At least 20 years of age (or relatively close) by 2nd year of the program
  • “Fair” to “High” physical fitness level upon entry into the academy
  • Approval from designated Academy Commander
  • Completion of CSCC academy registration process (will occur in June)
  • Completion of OPOTC academy registration process (will occur in June)

Columbus State’s Criminal Justice Program reserves the right to deny any person entry into the police academy based on pre-determined factors such as academic performance or prior student conduct concerns. 


January – December: It is strongly recommended that interested persons meeting the above parameters should contact and meet with (or at least correspond with) one of the program academy commanders prior to the registration process to ensure that they are eligible and fully knowledgeable with academy parameters and training expectations.  Persons interested in attending, regardless of whether they are currently declared CRJ.ACAD.AAS majors, should ensure that they provide their contact information to: Daniel Hare (

April – May: Informational sessions which will be held in Spring Semester of each year with the purpose of providing a detailed overview of CSCC police academy operations and requirements.  These meetings will be announced and posted in the CRJ Office area (academy bulletin board in Franklin Hall 206).  Persons who have provided their contact information to academy staff will be sent an invite via email of the specific dates/times these sessions will be held.

June: Participants will be required to attend a mandatory academy registration meeting with academy staff to formally register for the academy with both the college and the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. 

July: Uniform and training equipment purchase

August – May: Academy operations commence in late August and are completed in early May of each academic year. 


Note: Based on curriculum changes and recommendations by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, as of July 1st, 2014, CSCC Police Academies will adopt the following:

  • 100% mandatory cadet/student attendance
  • Entry physical fitness test (Cooper Institute 15th percentile)


OPOTC Physical Fitness Requirements

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) requires all academy participants to demonstrate a minimum level of physical fitness per the below denoted standards.  Proficiency is verified by a test administered and given by OPOTC representatives in the final portion of the academy training calendar.  Cadets will be required to meet these standards by the designated testing date or will be precluded from finishing the academy program per OPOTC standards.

. Males: 20 – 29 years of age Females: 20 – 29 years of age
Sit-Ups (1 min.) 40 sit ups 35 sit ups
Push-Ups (1 min.) 33 push ups 18 push ups
1.5 mile run 11:58 14:15
. Males: 30 – 39 years of age Females: 30 – 39 years of age
Sit-Ups (1 min.) 36 sit ups 27 sit ups
Push-Ups (1 min.) 27 sit ups 14 sit ups
1.5 mile run 12:25 15:14
. Males: 40 – 49 years of age Females: 40 – 49 years of age
Sit-Ups (1 min.) 31 22
Push-Ups (1 min.) 21 11
1.5 mile run 13:05 16:13
. Males: 50 – 59 years of age Females: 50 – 59 years of age
Sit-Ups (1 min.) 26 17
Push-Ups (1 min.) 15 13* modified
1.5 mile run 14:33 18:05

More information

For further information related to Columbus State’s Police Academy program, please contact:

Daniel Hare, Program Coordinator & Academy Commander
(614) 287-2594