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Faculty Directory

The Departmental Office Assistant is and Denise Flowers at 287-3630 .

Douglas Gray, Chair
  Ph.D., Dallas

Office: Union 041

  Phone: 287-5819


Frank Barnhart, Assistant Professor
      MFA, Ohio State                                         Office: Union 051  
       Phone: 287-2235                                      Email:  
Rita Bova, Professor
  Ph.D., Ohio State

Office: Union 037

  Phone: 287-2530


Frances Hale, Professor
  M.A., Ohio State

Office: Union 046

  Phone: 287-5184


Libby McGlone, Professor
  M.A., Ohio State

Office: Union 038

  Phone: 287-3659


Scott Millsap, Assistant Professor
  M.A., University of Miamia (FL)

Office: Union 050

  Phone: 287-5124


Robert Stein, Associate Professor
  M.A., Missouri-Kansas City

Office: Union 048

  Phone: 287-5821


  Business communications, mass media, conference and group discussion, and speech.