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Faculty and Advising Responsibility

Note: Faculty advisors are assigned to students based on the first letter of students' last names.

Look under your degree major and contact the faculty member whose name appears to the right of the first letter of your last name. If your question(s) relate to a Certificate or a particular area, contact the noted faculty member for assistance. 

Please note that faculty advisors are available for advising only during their office hours during the academic quarters which vary by faculty advisor and are limited. Faculty are unavailable for advising during quarter breaks and weekends. 

A - D Dr. E. Daugherty   DE 225 287-5700
E - J Ms. Lisa Briggs

Bookkeeping Certificate Distance Learning Lead

UN 048 D 287-5606
K - R Ms. Marcia Brandt   UN 048 E 287-2718

S - Z

Ms. Amy DiBlasi Program Coordinator 
BOA Internship
UN 048 F 287-3951