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Nutrition (NUTR) 2014-2015

NUTR 2310 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition & Metabolism (A, SP, SU)

3 credits
This course presents a study of nutrient and food energy needs of humans throughout the life cycle with consideration of socio-psychological factors. Course content includes processes, chemistry, digestion, absorption, metabolism, and utilization of nutrients. An online review of biological chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology relevant to nutrition is also included in this course. A one-time techniques session, including analysis of blood for nutrients, is required of all students. Distance Learning students are required to take their exams at a proctored testing facility. Course is team-taught by faculty with advanced degrees limited to nutrition.
Lecture: 3 hours
Prerequisites: BIO 2300, BIO 2232, CHEM 1112 and CHEM 1113 or BIO 1121, BIO 1122, CHEM 1112 and CHEM 1113
Lab fee: $4.00