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Quality Assurance Technology (QUAL)

(See also Bioscience Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology)

QUAL 1112 Modern Quality Systems (SP)

4 credits
This course focuses on the urgency of making people, organizations, and businesses more functional and competitive in a global economic environment. The course is a study of the major elements and concepts of TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and the ISO/TS Registration Process. Business and individual development principles and styles of quality management, systems thinking, continuous improvement, (which include team tools, statistical techniques and statistical tools used by teams and individuals), scientific management using data, and the historic influences of leaders in quality management field are studied.
Lecture: 2 hours – Lab: 4 hours      Lab fee: $20.00

QUAL 2111 Reliability Systems Analysis (A)

4 credits
This course is an examination of current methods use to ensure the reliability of measurements, data, products, systems and services. Students examine methods used in TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, including the use of simulations, and ways to improve performance from the design stage. The concept of value engineering, which identifies the function of a product or service, establishes a monetary value for that function, and provides the necessary function reliability or maintainability, is studied. Reliable data collection procedures using measurements traceability to NIST standards are also presented, and measurement instrument capability is demonstrated. Lecture: 2 hours – Lab: 4 hours
Prerequisite: QUAL 1112       Lab fee: $20.00

QUAL 2900 Field Experience QUAL (On Demand)

2 credits
This is a field experience class offering 24 hours of field experience.