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Appraisal (APPR)

These are 2013-2014 course descriptions.

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(See also Real Estate)

APPR 1101 Principles of Appraisal (A, SP, SU)

2 credits
This introductory course to appraisal establishes a firm, comprehensive foundation of principles, concepts, and procedures for implementation of the valuation process. Coverage includes attributes and skills necessary for the professional appraisal, the nature of value, federal reserve system, money and capital markets, real estate markets, valuation process, data collection and analysis, neighborhood description, site and improvement description, requirements for Ohio appraiser licensing or certification, and professional appraisal designations.
Lecture: 2 hours     Lab fee: $3.00

APPR 1102 Procedures of Appraisal (A, SP, SU)

2 credits
This course covers the entire spectrum of the valuation process, centering on detailed implementation of the three approaches to valuation and correlating to a final conclusion of value. Coverage includes review of valuation process, appraisal mathematics and use of financial calculator, methods of site valuation, cost approach, sales comparison approach, income approach, reconciliation, and final conclusion of value.
Lecture: 2 hours      Lab fee: $3.00
Prerequisite: APPR 1101

APPR 1103 USPAP & Fair Housing (A, SP)

1.5 credits
Students will learn to apply the standards of the industry to the instruments of the appraisal process. This course covers the requirements for ethical and competent appraiser performance as set out by the Appraisal Foundation including history and functions of the Appraisal Foundation including history and functions of the Appraisal Foundation and the rules and standards of USPAP.
This course also covers Federal, state and municipal Fair Housing requirements.Lecture: 1.5 hours     Lab fee: $3.00