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Description of the Field

“A surprising variety of career opportunities are open to people with mathematical talent and training – mathematics and computational science are utilized in almost every discipline of science, engineering, industry, and technology. New application areas are discovered constantly and older techniques are applied in new ways and in emerging fields. Industry relies on applied mathematics and computational science for the design and optimization of products such as aircraft, automobiles, textiles, computers, communication systems, and prescription drugs: processes such as supply chains, logistics, and scheduling; and a wide range of other products and services.

Applied mathematics and computational science have become essential tools in the development of advances in science and technology. Innovative mathematical and computational techniques have become prevalent in areas such as the biological sciences, information technology, climatology, combustion and emission control, and finance and investment.

Mathematical careers outside of academia rarely carry a simple title of “mathematician.” The very idea of a career in mathematics has evolved and diversified and is often coupled with a specialty or area of research interest. Applied mathematicians and computational scientist working in industry, business, and government often hold jobs with titles such as statistician, scientific programmer, electrical engineer, computer scientist, operations research, systems engineer, analyst, research associate, or technical consultant.

Mathematics is involved in more fields than you may have thought possible and there are many options to consider when choosing a career. Applied mathematicians and computational scientist work for federal and state governments, the military, financial services, scientific research and development services, and consulting services specializing in management, science, and technology. Software publishers, insurance companies, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing companies also employ applied mathematicians and computational scientists. Many also work in academia, teaching the next generation and developing innovations through their own research.”

Source: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Sample Careers in Mathematics (links to O*Net Online)

Mathematical Technician
Operations Research Analyst
Statistical Assistant
Financial Managers, Branch or Department

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